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We have now published Clements annual revision of the checklist on the website - version 2017 replaces the version from August last year. All members using Clements as their taxonomic reference, should go to Taxonomic Update and follow the instructions on the screen. Many of the changes follow rece...


iGoTerra has updated the IOC World Bird List to version 7.3. The new version contains 14 species splits and 2 lumped species where noteworthy that Glossy Swiftlet is now split across 8 species. Thayer's Gull has been lumped with Iceland Gull. Formerly Glossy Swiftlet Collocalia esculenta natalis, ...


On demand from our members we have created a couple of new regions. The Oriental Region covers the area as defined by the Oriental Bird Club. In short; the western border includes Pakistan and Russia east of Yenisey River and the eastern border runs in Indonesia between the Moluccas (incl) and West...


Based on requests from some of our US members, we have implemented the 4 and 6 letters US Banding codes for North American birds. This works for both the web-searches and on iGoTerra Pocket (you need to refresh the checklist first). How it works: If you know (or guess) that e.g. CACO represents CA...

iGoTerra has just updated the IOC World Bird List to version 6.4 where it is noteworthy to see a continued reduction of the number of recognized subspecies. Other than that very few changes compared to the previous version. With regard to new species 4 new species splits are almost offset by lumps ...

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