Right now the scientific names on some species do not show on the site - we are working to fix this problem which should be solved after the back-up this morning.


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Based on requests from some of our US members, we have implemented the 4 and 6 letters US Banding codes for North American birds. This works for both the web-searches and on iGoTerra Pocket (you need to refresh the checklist first).

How it works:
If you know (or guess) that e.g. CACO represents CAlifornia COndor, it makes it very quick to just type four letters. It also works for scientific names e.g. CALALP for Dunlin Calidris alpina.

More examples:
RWBL = Red-Winged BLackbird
RAZO = RAZOrbill
BTFG = Buff-Throated Foliage-Gleaner

The full list is found here: The Institue for Bird Populations

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