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in front of a location indicates that is not geo-coded and therefore does not show on the map. You can easily geo-code your observations:

1. Click on the link Edit my locations above the map and use the Toolbox > Link to a geo-coded location. If you find no appropriate alternative that matches where you made your observation, go to #2.
2. Go to Add & Edit locations and follow the instructions to create a new geo-coded location. Once done, go back to #1 and link your observation to the location you just created.

If a coloured dot appears in front of the species name, you can hover with the mouse over it to see the explanation. The colour indicates e.g. new lifer, new year tick etc.
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David Gibbs

7 October 2017

St Thomasīs Head, Somerset, United Kingdom


Start time - end time:
Common Goby Pomatoschistus microps , 10  15:17

St. Thomas's Head, Somerset, United Kingdom


Start time - end time:
 Idotea granulosa

 Lekanesphaera rugicauda

 Sabellaria alveolata

 Gammarus locusta
 mandibular palp

 Austrominius modestus

Pacific Oyster Crassostrea gigas

Dog Whelk Nucella lapillus
Number of species:8
Year Ticks7

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