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We are offering two types of advertising opportunities on our website for individuals and companies in the Eco-Service sector such as private wildlife guides, tour operators and ecolodges.

With 8 000 members and 15 000 visitors per month, iGoTerra is a growing community of eco-travelers spanning more than 110 countries. Our site is rapidly developing and is an easy and effective way to access a broad network of naturalists who likes to travel around the world.

A. Local EcoServices Info ad
We offer dedicated space on our country pages to promote tour operators and other ecoservices (see an example here).

Those pages are very popular amongst our members as they gather the necessary information and services to plan their trips.

This service is available to tour operators at:
100 USD/y for one country
150 USD/y for two countries
200 USD/y for three countries
250 USD/y for four countries
300 USD/y for five countries (Max)

Our Premium members can publish an ad on their home country page free of charge.

To create your own Info ad you first need to create an account on iGoTerra and then go to our Application form. In just a few minutes you can have your EcoService published and visible to your potential customers.

B. Webads
Webads are displayed at the bottom of the off-line and on-line dashboard page. We offer a standard size ad with height or width capped at 125 pixels to fit various logo formats. They can be purchased per 12-month-period at 900 USD. Please note that until December 31, 2019 we are offering an early bird discount of 600 USD. We are also interested in setting up reciprocal exchanges of webads - check out Our affiliations page. Please contact iGoTerra Sales for any questions around our advertising offering or discussions around customized set-ups.

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