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iGoTerra offers cloud-based services and mobile applications to individuals, organizations and businesses enjoying and working with wildlife watching.
With 8000 members and 15.000 visitors per month, iGoTerra is a fast-growing community of eco-travellers spanning more than 110 countries (the majority of our members come from Europe and the US). Our site is rapidly developing and is an easy and effective way to access an extended network of dedicated naturalists who likes to travel around the world.

Level 1: Exchange links and logos (FREE), to make your operations visible to our communities through our Affiliations page, but also to mutually improve the Link Popularity, PageRank and Search Rankings of our respective websites.

Level 2: Create a Basic account (FREE) with iGoTerra and start publishing species photographs in our gallery. You can even water-stamp the photos with your company logotype and in your profile page you can also discretely refer to your connection with your company. See examples here.

Level 3: Subscribe as Premium member (78 USD/annum) to make your business even more visible to our members: show your your webad on one country page. Register your observations, since likely that you will appear high on the ranking, which will provide good exposure and promote your business (see an example here). Please note that this service is FREE OF CHARGE for all our Premium members!

Last but not least, iGoTerra has been selected by key global tour companies to manage their lists and prepare their trips. Why? Because we offer unique tools and services to record, manage and share all wildlife observations (from Birds to Plants), lists, photos and trips and we believe our different services could be of help to promote and develop your business.

For more information, take a look at our site and feel free to drop us an email for any question you may have. We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you on iGoTerra!

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