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Balkan Emerald Lizard
Lacerta trilineata
Eastern Green Lizard
Lacerta viridis
  (LAURENTI, 1768)
Eritrea Longtail Lizard
Latastia boscai
GT 2.0

Eastern Green Lizard
Lacerta viridis
Lake Mandrensko, prov-Burgas, Bulgaria - 2012-08-03
© Peter Woodall

Field guides

Plate/page: 140

Kwet, A.
European Reptile and Amphibian Guide


  • Kwet, A.: European Reptile and Amphibian Guide; New Holland Publishers, 2005; ISBN:1-847-73444-8
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    Scientific Classification
    Kingdom Animals
    Phylum Chordates
    Class Reptiles
    Order Lizards and Snakes
    Family Lacertidae
    Genus Lacerta
    Species Eastern Green Lizard
    (LAURENTI, 1768)

      guentherpetersi RYKENA, NETTMANN & MAYER 2001
    Greece (Dirfis Mountains, Euboea Island)
      infrapunctata SCHMIDTLER 1986
    NE Turkey
      meridionalis CYRÉN 1933
    NW Turkey, Romania, Greece (incl. Corfu)
      paphlagonica SCHMIDTLER 1986
    CN Turkey
      viridis (LAURENTI 1768)
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    Austria (Kärnten, Steiermark, Burgenland, Nieder-Österreich, Ober-Österreich), Poland, S Switzerland, SE Germany (Danube river), NE Germany (Brandenburg), Czech Republic, Balkan Peninsula incl. Slovenia, Croatia, islands Cres and Trstenik, Turkey (eastern coast of the Black Sea and central coast of Black Sea), European Turkey (including region of Marmara Sea), E Romania, E Bulgaria, NE Greece (incl. Samothraki), Moldova, SW Ukraine
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