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iGoTerra for Business

How iGoTerra can help your business

For wildlife businesses such as global or regional tour operators, local tour guides and ecolodges anywhere in the world we have built an integrated set of tools designed to take care of planning and administrating eco-excursions.

The core service is called Trips and automates the checklist and trip report generation. Around this we have built TripsPro, which includes a Control Tower function and customized branding of all documents including the ones shared with your clients. Additional TripsPro services are under development and a booking module and a statistics section are currently under testing.

iGoTerra Trips

  • will minimize the time your tour leaders spend on preparing up-to-date checklists and trip reports
  • effectively deals with the challenge to keep up with all taxonomy updates
  • allows your annotated trip report to be ready before your clients get back home!
  • includes choice of IOC or Clements for bird checklists and option to include mammals or other species groups
  • supports offline note-taking during the daily log (through excel or an iPad app) with later wifi sync
  • comes with a Tutorial and HelpDesk support for the beginner
  • even allows your client to download his/her own personal checklist prior to the trip and - after the trip - to copy the observations to his/her own account

iGoTerra Trips is built to make your tour leaders more efficient and help them focus on what matters most: your client experience!

iGoTerra Trips


iGoTerra TripsPro

  • enables you to add or delete your authorized tour leaders
  • gives a full overview of all your trips and their respective status
  • allows you to set up your own proprietary content profile for the checklist - special codes, frequency markers, hitrate etc
  • supports your branded checklists & trip reports
  • allows you to copy all info from last years trip to this year, swap dates and tour leader etc

We are building iGoTerra TripsPro to help you manage, operate and develop your tour business more efficiently!

Contact us for a free consultation about your needs!

iGoTerra TripsPro

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