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Search results

Russian Federation


1 Raphaël Jordan 433
2 Staffan Morander 321
3 Magnus Hellström 312
4 Olivier Benoist 302
5 Alf Petersson 292
6 Joakim Ekman 284
7 Bengt-Eric Sjölinder 262
8 Claes-Göran Cederlund 253
9 Anders Svenson 251
10 Pekka Alestalo 241

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1 Gilbert Langfield 26
2 Staffan Morander 23
3 Jonathan Newman 20
- Niels Dreyer 20
- charlotte wigermo 20
6 Brian Casatelli 19
7 Leho Luigujoe 18
8 Chris Lester 16
9 K Lundqvist 15
- Judith Allanson 15

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1 Stefan Cherrug 6
- Pekka Alestalo 6
3 Björn Anderson 2
- Richard Ek 2
5 Brian Casatelli 1
6 ... ...
7 ... ...
8 ... ...
9 ... ...
10 ... ...

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Vascular plants

1 Pekka Alestalo 193
2 Stefan Cherrug 179
3 Jonathan Newman 134
4 Sofia Lund 55
5 Lars Erik Norbäck 23
6 Luca Boscain 5
7 Brian Casatelli 3
8 Anders Svenson 2
9 Björn Anderson 1
- Pav Johnsson 1

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Butterflies and Skippers

1 Pekka Alestalo 130
2 Stefan Cherrug 27
3 Richard Ek 22
4 Sandis Laime 14
5 Björn Anderson 8
6 Jonathan Newman 7
7 Peter Schmidt 3
- Brian Casatelli 3
- Luca Boscain 3
10 Hans Terelius 1

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Russian Federation
 Russia (Asia, EP)
 Far Eastern Federal District
 Amur Oblast
 Chukotka Autonomous Okrug
 Jewish Autonomous Oblast
 Kamchatka Krai
 Khabarovsk Krai
 Magadan Oblast
 Primorsky Krai
 Sakha Republic
 Sakhalin Oblast
 Siberian Federal District
 Altai Krai
 Altai Republic
 Buryat Republic
 Irkutsk Oblast
 Kemerovo Oblast
 Krasnoyarsk Krai
 Novosibirsk Oblast
 Omsk Oblast
 Republic of Khakassia
 Tomsk Oblast
 Tuva Republic
 Zabaykalsky Krai
 Urals Federal District (EP)
 Chelyabinsk Oblast
 Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug
 Kurgan Oblast
 Sverdlovsk Oblast (EP)
 Tyumen Oblast
 Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
 Russia (Asia, WP)
 North Caucasian Federal District
 Chechen Republic
 Kabardino-Balkar Republic
 Karachay-Cherkess Republic
 Krasnodar Krai
 Republic of Adygea
 Republic of Dagestan
 Republic of Ingushetia
 Republic of North Ossetia-Alan
 Stavropol Krai
 Russia (Europe, WP)
 Central Federal District
 Belgorod Oblast
 Bryansk Oblast
 Ivanovo Oblast
 Kaluga Oblast
 Kostroma Oblast
 Kursk Oblast
 Lipetsk Oblast
 Moscow Oblast
 Oryol Oblast
 Ryazan Oblast
 Smolensk Oblast
 Tambov Oblast
 Tula Oblast
 Tver Oblast
 Vladimir Oblast
 Voronezh Oblast
 Yaroslavl Oblast
 Northwestern Federal District
 Arkhangelsk Oblast
 Kaliningrad Oblast
 Komi Republic
 Leningrad Oblast
 Murmansk Oblast
 Nenets Autonomous Okrug
 Novgorod Oblast
 Pskov Oblast
 Republic of Karelia
 Saint Petersburg
 Vologda Oblast
 Southern Federal District
 Astrakhan Oblast
 Republic of Kalmykia
 Rostov Oblast
 Volgograd Oblast
 Urals Federal District (WP)
 Sverdlovsk Oblast (WP)
 Volga Federal District
 Chuvash Republic
 Kirov Oblast
 Mari El Republic
 Nizhny Novgorod Oblast
 Orenburg Oblast
 Penza Oblast
 Perm Krai
 Republic of Bashkortostan
 Republic of Mordovia
 Republic of Tatarstan
 Samara Oblast
 Saratov Oblast
 Udmurt Republic
 Ulyanovsk Oblast
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