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Through our partnership with Rockjumper, iGoTerra is proud to recommend two very exciting Antarctica cruises. The Rockjumper Antarctica 2019 and 2020 Cruises have been upgraded to the RCGS Resolute. Originally booked aboard the Akademik Ioffe, spaces on the more comfortable Resolute need not cost ...


iGoTerra has updated the IOC World Bird List to version 9.2. The new version contains 10,758 species following 22 species splits, 4 lumped species as well as 2 newly described species - Blue-throated Hillstar and Cream-eyed Bulbul. See this amazing photo of the Blue-throated Hillstar taken by iGoTer...


We have now published Clements annual revision of the checklist on the website - version 2018 replaces the version from August last year. iGoTerra members who use Clements, will benefit from automatic updates of ALL your lists for Birds! In case you have not yet assigned all your ticks and observa...


Many birders have asked us for a feature where one can see the aggregated list of birds seen or still missing in a complete Region. We are therefore happy to have built this function and it is now available to all our Premium members. Go to Lists > My Region Lists and then click on any of the regio...


Many of our members have asked for a function where you get an overview of your bird families. How many species of Kingfishers are there, and how many of these have I observed? This new function is now available for our Premium members! We also built it so that you can see the same thing on genus le...


Japan is yet another country that spans across more than one fauna area or region. The Ogasawara or Bonin Islands are part of the Pacific Ocean whereas the other islands that Japan consists of all are within Asia. Japan (belongs to no region) is made up: . Japan (Asia) - Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu,...

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