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iGoTerra cordially encourages you to join the Kruger Birding Challenge organised by Rockjumper and BirdLife International, as they spend 10 days in February 2019 touring Kruger National park in South Africa!

All proceeds from this event support the critically endangered White-winged Flufftail, one of South Africa’s rarest birds. Known only to occur in the high-altitude wetlands of South Africa and Ethiopia, it is estimated there are as few as 250 of these birds remaining throughout its range. BirdLife South Africa and Rockjumper Birding Tours initiated the Kruger Challenge to raise funds for the conservation of this critically endangered species. 
Whether you are a new twitcher, a wildlife lover, or a competitive twitching veteran, the Kruger Birding Challenge is for you.

A maximum of 21 teams will take part in an exciting competition in which they explore Kruger National Park from top to bottom, recording all of the species of birds and mammals they encounter over a nine-day period. Each species of bird and mammal has been allocated points based on the difficulty of locating it, and the team with the highest score will be crowned the Birding & Wildlife Champions of Kruger! You can bring your own birding team, or we can pair you with like-minded birders who like to bird at your desired pace.

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