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The iGoTerra Team would like to thank everyone in the iGoTerra community for a fantastic 2018. We have seen a major growth of the community and this also means that the number of observations, photos, locations, species in the database has grown rapidly. This is all to the benefit of the entire community and will surely help you as members to learn and experience more of our fantastic living world.

Whether you use iGoTerra as a master repository for all your wildlife observations, keep your world or garden lists of a special species group, use it for your planned wildlife watching excursions, or just enjoy the rich information of data and photos, we trust that you enjoy it as much as we do.

During the year we have also been working hard on the next platform and database, and we look forward to releasing it during next year. Initially you will experience a number of quality and speed improvements, and along the way you will be able to see the continued release of many new cool functions.

We would also like to wish you a happy festive season, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019.

The iGoTerra Team


If you are not travelling during the coming holiday season, you may find it a suitable time to catch up with some virtual wildlife watching. You may e.g. want to catch up with some admin in order to have your records in good shape. Here are some tips and tricks:

Verify My Imported Observations
You will find this tool under Observations. Here all your non-matched imported observations end up. When you import something and the system does not recognise the species or subspecies, it will save them in a file that you can clean out. Click on the green tick and just check what the correct name is, and edit it directly in the field. Once done, you click on Import Observations and it should disappear from the verification list.
Note that you may have duplicate files if you have tried to import the same thing several times.
You can click on the red X once you are done with the files or want to take away duplicates. Check if you have some old files that can be deleted.

Review My Extralimital Observations
Here is another useful tool under Observations. If you have and bird observations (species or subspecies) currently our of range based on our country checklists, your observations will show up here. The reason may be that there has been a taxonomic change since you entered the record, or that our checklist may need to be updated. In the first case, you will be helped by the tool to move the record to the correct species/subspecies. In the second case, please drop us a mail and we will quickly update the checklist.

You may also want to just play around with some other fun tools...

My Family List Overview
Sift through the list of your recorded birds within each family. Or toggle to genus. See the number & percentage of species you have seen in each family or genus, and where to go to see the remaining ones.

My Target Bird Families or Genera
Look through your remaining bird families and genera, and where to go and find see them.

Country to go to Next?
Have a look at in which country you will have most new lifers, endemics etc to still see. In a click you can extract the lists as well!

My Region Lists
We have country checklists for all countries, but we also have region lists. Click on the name of any Region and the list will be displayed. Or click on the orange icon to show your list of recorded birds.

The iGoTerra team wishes you an entertaining Christmas and New Year period.


We know that a large portion of the iGoTerra community are birders, but the iGoTerra site is an excellent way to extend your wildlife horizon to other species groups.

Why not let 2019 be the year when you dive into butterflies, mammals, fishes, reptiles or any other living group of organisms? Even if you are not an expert in mammals, it is actually pretty easy and cool to start to tick those mammals you have seen. The easiest way is to go to the World Checklist and select a type of mammal and start to click away.


iGoTerra is even more fun and useful if your friends also are members. See them in Rankings, use iGoTerra Trips when you travel together, see where they have see something,...

Invite your friends to enjoy iGoTerra. For every new Standard or Premium member you recruit, both of you will enjoy two extra free months subscription!

Just go to the Invitation page (under My iGoTerra) and send them a formatted mail with your personal invitation code.

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