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iGoTerra has updated the IOC World Bird List to version 9.2. The new version contains 10,758 species following 22 species splits, 4 lumped species as well as 2 newly described species - Blue-throated Hillstar and Cream-eyed Bulbul. See this amazing photo of the Blue-throated Hillstar taken by iGoTerra member Roger Ahlman in Southern Ecuador.

For family listers it can be noted that there are four new families recognised; Hylidae (Green and Tit Hylias), Philepittidae (Asities), Calyptomenidae (African & Green Broadbills) and Falcunculidae (Crested Shriketit). There are also 7 new genera recognised, taking the total to 2320.

For iGoTerra members who use IOC, you will benefit from automatic updates of ALL your lists for Birds! In case you have not yet assigned all your ticks and observations to subspecies, you may have a list of species that you have to manually assign correctly according to the updated taxonomy. These ticks/observations you will find when logged in under Observations => Update my splits and lumps: Birds.

Details on the new and deleted species are available on IOC's website where you are also able to see more information of the changes in subspecies. So if in doubt where to move your observations on a deleted subspecies this is a good reference. In order to be better prepared for the next IOC WBL release in a few months, we recommend you to go through your lists with our Bird subspecies assignment tool.

IMPORTANT NOTE to all of our iGoTerra members using Pocket to register observations in the field. If you use IOC, please make sure to refresh all your checklists - especially the ones from back home since you probably have these always downloaded - to ensure that new species and subspecies are included.


The IOC World Bird List 9.2 contains 10,758 (+20 compared to 9.1) extant species and 158 extinct species classified in 40 (+0) Orders, 250 (+4) Families (including 1 Incertae Sedis) and 2,320 Genera (+7). The list also includes 20,034 subspecies, their ranges and authors. On the species page on the iGoTerra website, any changes are shown under Taxonomic comment.

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