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iGoTerra for Business

Customised and branded trip checklists and reports.
Control tower for integrated trip list management.
Tour booking system, trip observations statistics and more...

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Customised platforms, webs and apps for citizen science wildlife projects.
Checklist Manager tool for taxonomic work.

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  • David Donsker

    David Donsker

    ...working through my "extralimital" species after the conversion of my data is a great exercise, helping me to clean up some improperly entered species and adjust subspecies allocations. What a great product you have!
  • Anita Ericsson

    Anita Ericsson

    There is nothing comparable on the web for someone like me with a wide interest in the animal kingdom.
  • Marcel Holyoak

    Marcel Holyoak

    Los Gatos, California
    Overall I'm a satisfied iGoTerra customer and feel like it is a more flexible and birder oriented tool compared to eBird. There is also a direct export from iGoTerra to eBird option so you can transfer info to eBird if you wish. iGoTerra can also store other records, like mammals, fish, whatever you choose.
  • Clayton Burne

    Clayton Burne

    South Africa
    Some of the new features are mindblowing - extremely accurate country lists, shared observation capability, new country lifer projections.
  • C-G Cederlund

    C-G Cederlund

    I can recommend "iGT" to all serious global birders as the best thing that is out there.
  • Peter Woodall

    Peter Woodall

    iGoTerra is a great place: to keep my records of all types of biodiversity (including: ferns, fungi, flowers, fish and fantails); to share photographs and to have friendly competition with like-minded people.

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    We provide a wide range of services adapted to all our members, from the novice to the passionate

    • Basic

    • Free is good! Learn more
    • State-of-the art management of observations, lists and photos. Up to 400 species.
    • Your personal diary page with all your observations incl photos and Location map. All to share with anyone you wish.
    • iGoTerra Pocket for registering observations in the field
    • Standard

    • € 1,92 / month (billed annually) Learn more
    • Unlimited number of species
    • iGoTerra's unique trip management tool to personalize Trip checklist as participant
    • Browse all the million observations of iGoTerra
    • Premium

    • € 4,75 / month (billed annually) Learn more
    • Full access to all Trips services
    • Create trip reports of your observations on iGoTerra
    • iGoTerra's unique Bird subspecies assignment tool to keep track of changing taxonomy

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