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iGoTerra offers cloud-based services and mobile applications to individuals, organizations and businesses enjoying and working with wildlife watching.

iGoTerra provides globally unique tools and services to record, manage and share wildlife observations, lists, photos and trips.

About us

For wildlife enthusiasts

You are a hard-core birder or a recreational diver? Fond of ferns or sea slugs? iGoTerra offers a broad web services suite tailored to your needs to record, manage and share your observations and pictures. Enjoy being in the wild - iGoTerra handles all your memories for you.

Whether you like birds, butterflies, coral reefs, orchids or fungi, we want to share your thrills! Want to ID this beautiful butterfly found in Ghana? Or learn about this mesmerizing ctenophore? Post your best shot, report that exciting twitch, share with us the emotion of that particular encounter? iGoTerra social network allows you to find likeminded people so you can create your own communities, share information and learn from each other.

How many birds have you seen in the world - or this year? How many species of fishes, flowers or spiders have you identified so far? Many birders are already used to listing and counting birds. Our ranking system offers countless other opportunities to engage into friendly competition and learn from peers about wildlife. An additional stimulus to make the most of your outdoor activities!

Back from a trip? Planning a new one? We have unique tools to help you prepare your journey and share your vivid memories when you're back home. Search our databases of checklists and trip reports, build your own list of targets, tap into the experience of your friends and peers and you will quickly know where to go and when, what you can expect, which guide to use, where to stay? and if you plan to go with a group of friends, you will enjoy Trips!

For wildlife business

For wildlife businesses such as global or regional tour operators, local tour guides and ecolodges anywhere in the world we have built an integrated set of tools designed to take care of planning and administrating eco-excursions.

The core service is called Trips and automates the checklist and trip report generation. Around this we have built TripsPro, which includes a Control Tower function and customized branding of all documents including the ones shared with your clients. Additional TripsPro services are under development and a booking module and a statistics section are currently under testing.

iGoTerra Trips is built to make your tour leaders more efficient and help them focus on what matters most: your client experience!

We are building iGoTerra TripsPro to help you manage, operate and develop your tour business more efficiently!

For wildlife NGOs

Do you need a new and modern platform or web for citizen science projects?

We are experts in building tools and platforms for any wildlife-oriented organization. E.g. winter bird counts, bird nest-box projects, voting platform for national bird. Many more are in progress like Rarity committee tool, ChecklistManager for taxonomic committees, etc.

iGoTerra can help you contribute to science and conservation and make the most of your observations. Join us and access our network! Our databases of photos and geo-codable sightings can serve to monitor any species, document poorly known groups and implement conservation projects, at any scale.

Contact us at [email protected] for free consultation about your needs.

Your feedback and contribution helps us build the best wildlife applications

iGoTerra is your site. Let us know about any new functionality you would like to have or a project you need help with. We are constantly developing new tools and services to answer your needs.
You can also contribute directly: taxonomy updates, database curation, translation, forum moderation, checklist or groups administration, there are many rewarding opportunities for you to get involved! Interested in working with us? Please send us a mail.

iGoTerra, the Wildlife Network to Learn, Experience and Share...
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The iGoTerra Team

The iGoTerra team

  • Bengt-Eric Sjölinder

    Bengt-Eric Sjölinder

    Bird- and wildlife interest since childhood. iGoTerra partner since 2012. Dedicated to build iGoTerra.
    E-mail address
  • Björn Anderson

    Björn Anderson

    Vice President & Partner
    Bird- & wildlife watcher, photographer, entrepreneur. Initiator of several wildlife projects, organisations and committees. Passionate business developer and innovator in iGoTerra.
    E-mail address
  • Rüdiger Lincke

    Dr. Rüdiger Lincke

    Has been involved in numerous industrial research and development projects. An expert in software engineering, program analysis, and mobile programming.
  • Gaell Mainguy

    Gaell Mainguy

    Besides birding, diving and taking pictures of everything that moves, Gaell likes to contribute to meaningful projects to advance science and education.
    E-mail address
  • Mathias Bergström

    Mathias Bergström

    IT support
    Bird- and wildlife watcher. Long term professional experience of IT support.
    E-mail address

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