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Search results

Helsinki (Helsingfors) - All taxa

  Name Country City No of taxa  
1 Anon user Finland Finland 192  
2 Anon user Finland Finland 189  
3 Anon user Finland Finland 77  
4 Leith Woodall Australia Australia Brisbane 55
5 Peter Woodall Australia Australia Brisbane 53
6 Heikki Koivumäki Finland Finland Kangasala 35
7 C. Michael Hogan United States United States San Francisco 30
7 Stephen Mawby United Kingdom United Kingdom Braunton 30
9 Gilbert Langfield Australia Australia Melbourne 27
10 Gabor Bodor Hungary Hungary Budapest 21
11 Rob Batchelder Poland Poland Bielawa 20
12 Sandis Laime Latvia Latvia Cēsis 13
13 Anon user Sweden Sweden 12  
14 Elis Ölfvingsson Sweden Sweden Linköping 10
15 Jostein Moldsvor Norway Norway Norheimsund 6
15 Christer Sundström Sweden Sweden Sala 6
17 Gaëll Mainguy France France Fontenay sous bois 5
17 Paul Hopkins United Kingdom United Kingdom Penryn 5
19 Christian Cederroth Sweden Sweden Degerhamn 4
20 Klas Rådberg Sweden Sweden Stångby 3
21 Tiit Vohta Estonia Estonia Tallinn 2
21 Ulf Helmersson Sweden Sweden Brokind, Linköping 2
23 Anon user Finland Finland 1  
23 Trond Sørhuus Norway Norway Verdal 1
23 Niklas Henriksson Sweden Sweden Gustavsberg 1
23 Per Ole Syvertsen Norway Norway Mo i Rana 1

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