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Search results

Bahrain - All taxa

  Name Country City No of taxa  
1 Erik Hirschfeld Sweden Sweden Malmö 236
2 Jens Ramnebro Sweden Sweden Torup 93
3 Christian Cederroth Sweden Sweden Degerhamn 86
4 Claes-Göran Cederlund Sweden Sweden Träslövsläge 63
5 William Stephens United Kingdom United Kingdom Steppingley 60
5 Angie Cederlund United Kingdom United Kingdom Träslövsläge 60
7 John Black Canada Canada St. Catharines 53
8 John (Jack) Hanna Canada Canada Dundas 48
9 Björn Anderson Sweden Sweden Täby 35
10 Nigel Hewitt United Kingdom United Kingdom Exeter 31
11 Mark Tasker United Kingdom United Kingdom Banchory 26
12 Patrik Blomquist Sweden Sweden Stockholm 20
13 Joe Thompson United States United States Palm Springs 18
13 Peter Kaestner United States United States Cockeysville, MD 18
15 Morgan Svensson Sweden Sweden Varberg 11
16 Gilbert Langfield Australia Australia Melbourne 8
17 Steve Norman United Kingdom United Kingdom Warwickshire 7
18 Anon user United Kingdom United Kingdom 4  
19 Anon user Sweden Sweden 3  
19 Jonathan Bryant United Kingdom United Kingdom Woking 3
21 Gordon Smith United Kingdom United Kingdom St.Helens 2
22 Søren Kristoffersen Denmark Denmark Aalborg 1
22 Kenneth Bach Christensen Denmark Denmark Aalborg 1
22 Adrian Drummond-Hill Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Dhahran 1

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