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Search results

Cayman Islands - Birds

  Name Country City No of taxa   Checklist
1 Kenneth Berlin United States United States Bethesda 75 Clements
2 David Bates United States United States Watertown 51 IOC
3 Håkan Thorstensson Sweden Sweden Olofstorp 49 IOC
4 Jonathan Newman United Kingdom United Kingdom Peterborough 45 IOC
5 Peter Kaestner United States United States Cockeysville, MD 41 IOC
6 Rob Rackliffe United Kingdom United Kingdom Walmer 40 IOC
7 Ronald Orenstein Canada Canada Mississauga 37 IOC
8 J Douglas Hanna United States United States Dallas 36 Clements
8 Joe Thompson United States United States Palm Springs 36 IOC
10 Gary Ender United States United States Bethesda 34 Clements
10 Jarmo Komi Finland Finland Espoo 34 IOC
12 Ed Smith United Kingdom United Kingdom Weybridge 33 IOC
13 Anthony Trott United States United States Melbourne 32 IOC
14 Brian Casatelli Somalia Somalia Mogadishu 27 IOC
14 John (Jack) Hanna Canada Canada Dundas 27 IOC
16 Anon user Sweden Sweden 10   IOC
17 Janne Björk Sweden Sweden Stenhamra 9 Clements
18 Ulf Ståhle Sweden Sweden Lerberget 8 IOC
19 Anders Svenson Sweden Sweden Horn 7 Clements
20 Lennart Lander Sweden Sweden Mjölby 5 Clements
21 Anon user Panama Panama 4   Clements
21 Bo Beolens United Kingdom United Kingdom Margate 4 IOC
23 Ingela Persson Bermuda Bermuda Southampton 2 IOC
23 Krista Oswald South Africa South Africa Port Elizabeth 2 IOC
25 Sally Conyne United States United States Stockton NJ 1 IOC
25 Pontus Grönvall Sweden Sweden Varberg 1 IOC
25 Sue Kadyschuk Canada Canada Maple Ridge 1 IOC

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