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Laos - Birds

  Name Country City No of taxa   Checklist
1 Benny Fredriksson Sweden Sweden 719 41 Garphyttan 163 Clements
2 Erlen Landsverk Norway Norway Nordagutu 116 Clements
3 Christian Cederroth Sweden Sweden Degerhamn 101 IOC
4 Håkan Carlestam Sweden Sweden Örebro 99 IOC
5 John Austin United Kingdom United Kingdom Guildford 98 IOC
6 Jonathan Newman United Kingdom United Kingdom Peterborough 97 IOC
7 Phil Gregory Australia Australia Kuranda 93 IOC
8 Keith Youngs United Kingdom United Kingdom Edinburgh 83 IOC
9 Lynn Youngs United Kingdom United Kingdom Edinburgh 82 IOC
10 Seth Wollney United States United States Staten Island 79 IOC
11 Chris Lester Australia Australia Travancore 73 IOC
12 Stephen Lowe United Kingdom United Kingdom Cambridge 64 IOC
13 Thomas Nielsen Norway Norway Oslo 56 Clements
14 Jens Ole Byskov Denmark Denmark Esbjerg 54 Clements
15 Bao Nguyen Vietnam Vietnam HCMC 49 Clements
16 John Andersson Sweden Sweden Hultafors 47 Clements
17 Hasse Berglund Sweden Sweden Stockholm 43 IOC
18 Elis Ölfvingsson Sweden Sweden Linköping 41 IOC
19 Lars-Åke Karlsson Sweden Sweden Karlstad 28 IOC
20 Jocko Hammar Sweden Sweden Stockholm 27 IOC
21 Björn Anderson Sweden Sweden Täby 25 IOC
21 Rosemary Lester Australia Australia Travancore 25 IOC
23 Anon user United Kingdom United Kingdom 23   IOC
24 Kevin P United States United States Estes Park 22 Clements
25 Daniel Rosengren Sweden Sweden Gävle 19 IOC
25 David Griffiths United Kingdom United Kingdom HUNTINGDON 19 Clements
27 Paul Hyland United Kingdom United Kingdom London 18 IOC
28 Peter Kyvsgaard Denmark Denmark Sorø 14 IOC
29 John (Jack) Hanna Canada Canada Dundas 13 IOC
29 Gary Ender United States United States Bethesda 13 Clements
31 Ewa Knutson Sweden Sweden Trollhättan 8 IOC
31 Anon user Canada Canada 8   IOC
33 Anon user United States United States 7   IOC
34 Karin Sundman Sweden Sweden Boden 6 Clements
34 Kenneth Berlin United States United States Bethesda 6 Clements
36 David Kihlberg Sweden Sweden Stockholm 5 Clements
36 Bernard Peacock United Kingdom United Kingdom Lynton 5 IOC
38 Ian Callender United Kingdom United Kingdom London 4 IOC
39 Flemming Quist Denmark Denmark Ishøj 3 Clements
39 Susan Lashko Australia Australia Canberra 3 IOC
41 Arno Beidts Belgium Belgium Blankenberge 2 IOC
42 Bird Explorers Thailand Thailand Bangkok 1 Clements
42 Anon user Sweden Sweden 1   IOC
42 Lars-Olof Sandberg Sweden Sweden Pixbo 1 Clements
42 Sam Sinderson Jr United States United States Pittsburgh 1 Clements
42 Ketil Toska Norway Norway Bønes, Bergen 1 Clements
42 Andris Klepers Latvia Latvia Valmiera 1 IOC

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