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Search results

Saint Lucia - Birds

  Name Country City No of taxa   Checklist
1 Ian  Ellis United Kingdom United Kingdom Cambridge 75 IOC
2 Rene Ottesson Estonia Estonia Tallinn 66 Clements
3 Anon user United Kingdom United Kingdom 61   IOC
4 Pete Morris United Kingdom United Kingdom Clitheroe 60 IOC
5 Anon user United Kingdom United Kingdom 59   IOC
5 Jonathan Newman United Kingdom United Kingdom Peterborough 59 IOC
7 Stu Elsom United Kingdom United Kingdom Ellington 58 IOC
8 Claes-Göran Cederlund Sweden Sweden Träslövsläge 57 IOC
8 Virginia Fairchild United Kingdom United Kingdom Walmer 57 IOC
8 Rob Rackliffe United Kingdom United Kingdom Walmer 57 IOC
8 Wayne Gillatt United Kingdom United Kingdom Scunthorpe 57 Clements
12 Mark Tasker United Kingdom United Kingdom Banchory 55 IOC
13 Anon user United States United States 52   Clements
13 Marcel Holyoak United States United States Los Gatos 52 IOC
15 Steve Huggins United Kingdom United Kingdom Tewkesbury 51 Clements
15 Neil Tovey Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait City 51 IOC
17 Joe Thompson United States United States Palm Springs 50 IOC
18 J Douglas Hanna United States United States Dallas 49 Clements
18 David Bates United States United States Watertown 49 IOC
20 John (Jack) Hanna Canada Canada Dundas 45 IOC
21 Christer Landgren Sweden Sweden Skanör 44 IOC
21 David Donsker United States United States North Hampton, NH 44 IOC
21 Anita Ericson Sweden Sweden Bor 44 IOC
21 Stuart Reeds United Kingdom United Kingdom Newick 44 IOC
25 Anon user United States United States 42   Clements
25 Thomas Holmberg Sweden Sweden Nordingrå 42 Clements
27 Henrik Hultén Sweden Sweden Malmö 41 IOC
27 Anon user United Kingdom United Kingdom 41   IOC
27 Patrik Blomquist Sweden Sweden Stockholm 41 Clements
30 Peary  Stafford United States United States Brooklyn 40 Clements
31 Björn Anderson Sweden Sweden Täby 39 IOC
32 Angie Cederlund United Kingdom United Kingdom Träslövsläge 38 IOC
32 Anon user United Kingdom United Kingdom 38   IOC
32 Jonathan Meyer Australia Australia Sydney 38 IOC
32 Niels Dreyer Denmark Denmark Fuglebjerg 38 Clements
36 Gary Ender United States United States Bethesda 37 Clements
37 Markus Craig Austria Austria Vienna 36 IOC
38 Victor Schwartz United States United States Westhampton 35 Clements
38 John Connelly United States United States Houston 35 IOC
40 John Hardister United States United States Concord 32 IOC
40 Tonya Tromblee United States United States Salem 32 IOC
40 Peter Gilchrist Canada Canada Toronto 32 IOC
43 Jason Lewis United States United States Good Hope, Georgia 27 IOC
44 Rudi Beyens Belgium Belgium Sint-Gillis-Waas 26 Clements
44 Kent Söderberg Sweden Sweden Srängnäs 26 IOC
46 Sam Luttman United Kingdom United Kingdom Plymouth 25 Clements
46 Walter Baele Belgium Belgium Sint Gillis Waas 25 Clements
48 Peter Kaestner United States United States Cockeysville, MD 24 IOC
48 Ian Rose United Kingdom United Kingdom Harlow 24 IOC
50 Lars-Åke Karlsson Sweden Sweden Karlstad 22 IOC
51 Anon user United States United States 21   Clements
52 Paul Matson United Kingdom United Kingdom Fernhurst 20 IOC
53 Hans Bucht Sweden Sweden Vålberg 17 IOC
54 Herb Wilson United States United States Waterville 16 Clements
55 Philip Johnson United States United States Tuscaloosa 13 IOC
55 Anon user Sweden Sweden 13   IOC
55 Anon user Canada Canada 13   Clements
58 Chris Rymer United Kingdom United Kingdom Northallerton 4 IOC
59 Susan Lee United States United States Silver Lake 3 IOC
59 Jarmo Komi Finland Finland Espoo 3 IOC
61 Tonis Niilus United States United States Upland 2 Clements
61 Anon user United States United States 2   IOC
63 Lilly Irene Sørensen Denmark Denmark Ulbølle 1 Clements
63 Niels Bomholt Denmark Denmark Ulbølle 1 Clements

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