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Azerbaijan - Birds

  Name Country City No of taxa   Checklist
1 Tomas Axén Haraldsson Sweden Sweden Stockholm 218 IOC
2 August Thomasson Sweden Sweden Sösdala 214 IOC
2 Martin Fichtler Germany Germany Rosdorf 214 IOC
4 Ulf Ottosson Sweden Sweden Mellbystrand 207 IOC
5 Jonas Starck Sweden Sweden Lagan 199 IOC
6 Stefan Andersson Sweden Sweden Reftele 197 IOC
7 Ulric Ilvéus Sweden Sweden Vallentuna 195 IOC
8 Krister Wahlström Sweden Sweden Ljungby 189 IOC
9 Bo Runesson Sweden Sweden Johanneshov 186 IOC
10 Dave Bowes United Kingdom United Kingdom Ripon 185 Clements
11 Pekka Alestalo Finland Finland Helsinki 184 IOC
12 Peter Berglin Sweden Sweden Jönköping 178 IOC
13 Marc Bulte Netherlands Netherlands Augsburg 174 IOC
14 Ingvar Torsson Sweden Sweden Degerhamn 171 IOC
15 Richard Ek Sweden Sweden Svedala 156 IOC
16 Erik Sjögren Sweden Sweden Torna Hällestad 148 IOC
17 Göran Jansson Sweden Sweden Västra Frölunda 135 IOC
18 Björn Malmhagen Sweden Sweden Skanör 131 IOC
19 Attila Simay Hungary Hungary Debrecen 122 IOC
20 Magnus Friberg Sweden Sweden Odensbacken 115 IOC
21 Teresa Montras Janer Sweden Sweden Odensbacken 113 IOC
22 Anders Eriksson Sweden Sweden Solna 104 IOC
23 Mats Hansson Sweden Sweden Lund 96 IOC
24 Patrik Blomquist Sweden Sweden Stockholm 85 Clements
25 Andris Klepers Latvia Latvia Valmiera 36 IOC
26 Thomas Grønn Norway Norway Oslo 20 Clements
27 Philip Johnson United States United States Tuscaloosa 19 IOC
28 Torben Hansen Denmark Denmark Copenhagen 11 IOC
29 Arne Holgersson Sweden Sweden Lund 9 Clements
30 John (Jack) Hanna Canada Canada Dundas 8 IOC
30 Max Allan Niklasson Sweden Sweden Varekil 8 IOC
32 Kay-Uwe Hartleb Germany Germany Schwielowsee 5 IOC
33 Anita Ericson Sweden Sweden Bor 4 IOC
33 Agu Leivits Estonia Estonia Kilingi-Nõmme 4 Clements
35 Thomas Pettersson Sweden Sweden Västerås 3 IOC
36 Lars-Olof Sandberg Sweden Sweden Pixbo 2 Clements
37 Frank Johansson Sweden Sweden Uppsala 1 Clements
37 Luca Boscain Italy Italy Villorba, Treviso 1 IOC
37 Valters Pranks Latvia Latvia Jūrmala 1 Clements
37 Anon user Hungary Hungary 1   IOC
37 Alice Leetmaa Estonia Estonia Hiiumaa 1 Clements
37 Lennart Lander Sweden Sweden Mjölby 1 Clements
37 Per Thylén Sweden Sweden Göteborg 1 IOC

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