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Budapest, capital city - Birds

  Name Country City No of taxa   Checklist
1 David and Rosanne Howe-Dawson Canada Canada Ottawa 43 IOC
2 Michael Mosebo Jensen Denmark Denmark Middelfart 38 IOC
3 Per Karlsson Linderum Sweden Sweden Sköllersta 29 IOC
4 Hans Petter Rømme Norway Norway Reistad 28 Clements
4 Per Lindquist Sweden Sweden Stockholm 28 IOC
6 Neville Wright United Kingdom United Kingdom Sale 27 IOC
7 Cathy Pasterczyk Austria Austria Vienna 24 Clements
8 Björn Malmhagen Sweden Sweden Skanör 23 IOC
9 Radek Holiš Czech Republic Czech Republic Kroměříž 21 IOC
10 Gaëll Mainguy France France Fontenay sous bois 20 IOC
10 Jacob Rudhe Sweden Sweden Kolbäck 20 IOC
10 Björn Anderson Sweden Sweden Täby 20 IOC
10 Peter Gustafson Sweden Sweden Örebro 20 Clements
10 Anon user Sweden Sweden 20   IOC
15 Claes Wikstrom Sweden Sweden Hägersten 17 IOC
15 Mårten Wikström Sweden Sweden Stockholm 17 IOC
15 Jean Hugé Belgium Belgium Gent 17 Clements
18 Elis Ölfvingsson Sweden Sweden Linköping 16 IOC
19 Anon user United States United States 15   Clements
20 Erik Groth-Andersen Denmark Denmark Hillerød 14 IOC
20 Andris Klepers Latvia Latvia Valmiera 14 IOC
22 Gabor Bodor Hungary Hungary Budapest 13 IOC
22 Sigvard Lundgren Sweden Sweden Ambjörnarp 13 IOC
24 Endre  Sós Hungary Hungary Budapest 12 IOC
25 Mikael Rosén Sweden Sweden Lund 11 IOC
25 Mats Alderus Sweden Sweden Vaggeryd 11 IOC
27 Wayne Gillatt United Kingdom United Kingdom Scunthorpe 9 Clements
28 Charlotte Glosli Levin Sweden Sweden Karlstad 8 Clements
29 Helge Sorensen Denmark Denmark Holte 7 IOC
29 Csaba Lendvai Hungary Hungary Budapest 7 IOC
31 Niklas Delfin Sweden Sweden Oxie 6 IOC
32 Svante Martinsson Sweden Sweden Goteborg 5 IOC
33 Lars Samuelson Sweden Sweden Falsterbo 4 Clements
34 Marcis Tirums Latvia Latvia Riga 3 Clements
34 Heikki Koivumäki Finland Finland Kangasala 3 IOC
34 Mark Tasker United Kingdom United Kingdom Banchory 3 IOC
37 Anon user United Kingdom United Kingdom 2   IOC
37 Mats Hansson Sweden Sweden Lund 2 IOC
37 Stuart Fisher United Kingdom United Kingdom London 2 Clements
40 Adam Selmeczi Kovacs Hungary Hungary Veroce 1 IOC
40 Ian Murray United Kingdom United Kingdom Amersham 1 IOC
40 Katalin Bördős Hungary Hungary Budapest 1 IOC
40 Anna Karlsson Sweden Sweden Stockholm 1 IOC
40 Bence Kókay Hungary Hungary Budapest 1 IOC
40 Erik Rask Sweden Sweden Köpstadsö 1 IOC
40 Gottlieb Dandliker Switzerland Switzerland Genève 1 IOC

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