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Search results

Brunei Darussalam - Birds

  Name Country City No of taxa   Checklist
1 Peter Kaestner United States United States Cockeysville, MD 163 IOC
2 Chris Lester Australia Australia Travancore 82 IOC
3 Rosemary Lester Australia Australia Travancore 76 IOC
4 Gilbert Langfield Australia Australia Melbourne 46 IOC
5 Anita Ericson Sweden Sweden Bor 36 IOC
6 Ronald Orenstein Canada Canada Mississauga 34 IOC
7 Peter Carnall South Africa South Africa Durban 26 IOC
8 Joe Thompson United States United States Palm Springs 23 IOC
9 Teet Sirotkin Sweden Sweden Stockholm 11 IOC
9 Ketil Toska Norway Norway Bønes, Bergen 11 Clements
11 David Donsker United States United States North Hampton, NH 10 IOC
11 Adam Oscarson Sweden Sweden Halmstad 10 IOC
13 Stephen Mawby United Kingdom United Kingdom Braunton 7 IOC
14 Zydrunas Preiksa Lithuania Lithuania Prienai 2 Clements
14 Dirk Mezger Germany Germany Balingen 2 Clements
16 Lasse Olsson Sweden Sweden Varberg 1 IOC

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