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Otjozondjupa - Birds

  Name Country City No of taxa   Checklist
1 Mats Alderus Sweden Sweden Vaggeryd 97 IOC
2 Rosemary  Joganic United States United States St Louis 75 IOC
3 Conny Palm Sweden Sweden Göteborg 61 Clements
4 Nick Buys Namibia Namibia Windhoek 54 IOC
5 Leon Sapigórski Poland Poland Zielona Góra 41 IOC
6 Anon user Sweden Sweden 37   Clements
7 Greg de Klerk South Africa South Africa Pietermaritzburg 35 IOC
8 Göran Frisk Sweden Sweden Sollentuna 32 IOC
8 Ben Mines United Kingdom United Kingdom London 32 IOC
10 Göran Pettersson Sweden Sweden Lund 30 IOC
11 Ewa Knutson Sweden Sweden Trollhättan 29 IOC
12 Gary Ender United States United States Bethesda 24 Clements
13 Patrik Blomquist Sweden Sweden Stockholm 22 Clements
13 Jesper Danielson Sweden Sweden Stockholm 22 IOC
15 Anon user Israel Israel 19   IOC
16 Susan Lashko Australia Australia Canberra 18 IOC
17 John Goldie Australia Australia Canberra 17 IOC
18 Anita Ericson Sweden Sweden Bor 13 IOC
18 Peter Woodall Australia Australia Brisbane 13 IOC
18 Leith Woodall Australia Australia Brisbane 13 IOC
21 Jonas Starck Sweden Sweden Lagan 12 IOC
21 Stuart Barnes United Kingdom United Kingdom Hastings 12 IOC
21 Peter Hennix Sweden Sweden Strängnäs 12 IOC
24 Roger Holmberg Sweden Sweden Kungsör 11 Clements
25 Bird Explorers Thailand Thailand Bangkok 8 Clements
25 Marc  Cronje South Africa South Africa Nelspruit 8 IOC
25 Andreas Krämer Germany Germany Berlin 8 IOC
28 Niels Bomholt Denmark Denmark Ulbølle 7 Clements
29 Lars-Olof Sandberg Sweden Sweden Pixbo 6 Clements
29 Daniel Bengtsson Sweden Sweden Kalmar 6 Clements
29 Stefan Andersson Sweden Sweden Reftele 6 IOC
29 Börje Dahlén Sweden Sweden Malung 6 IOC
33 Anon user Sweden Sweden 5   IOC
34 Lise-Lotte Norin Sweden Sweden Surahammar 4 IOC
35 Mikael Rosén Sweden Sweden Lund 3 IOC
36 Peter Gilchrist Canada Canada Toronto 2 IOC
36 Liz Hides Australia Australia Ballajura 2 IOC
38 Anon user United States United States 1   IOC
38 Monika Forner South Africa South Africa Langebaan 1 IOC

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