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Search results

Thua Thien-Hue - Birds

  Name Country City No of taxa   Checklist
1 Anders Dahl Sweden Sweden Arlöv 55 IOC
1 Stellan Bygård Sweden Sweden Dalstorp 55 IOC
3 Janis von Heyking Sweden Sweden Dalstorp 54 IOC
4 Ed Smith United Kingdom United Kingdom Weybridge 43 IOC
5 Peter Gilchrist Canada Canada Toronto 36 IOC
6 David Gibbs United Kingdom United Kingdom Weston-super-Mare 34 IOC
7 Gary Ender United States United States Bethesda 28 Clements
8 Mike Diment United Kingdom United Kingdom Usk 27 IOC
9 Björn Abelson Sweden Sweden Lund 26 IOC
10 Stephen Lowe United Kingdom United Kingdom Cambridge 24 IOC
10 Bengt Grandin Sweden Sweden Skanör 24 IOC
12 Thomas Holmberg Sweden Sweden Nordingrå 23 Clements
13 Derrick WILBY South Africa South Africa Johannesburg 19 IOC
14 Peter Woodall Australia Australia Brisbane 17 IOC
15 Leith Woodall Australia Australia Brisbane 16 IOC
16 Thang Nguyen Vietnam Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 15 Clements
17 Romney Bathurst United States United States Warrenton, VA 8 IOC
18 Robert Tuveson Sweden Sweden Vargön 6 IOC
18 Anita Ericson Sweden Sweden Bor 6 IOC
20 Christer Sundström Sweden Sweden Sala 4 Clements
21 Bird Explorers Thailand Thailand Bangkok 3 Clements
22 Nora Madsen Sweden Sweden KALMAR 1 IOC
22 János  Oláh Hungary Hungary Debrecen 1 IOC

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