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Belarus - Birds

  Name Country City No of taxa   Checklist
1 Attila Steiner Hungary Hungary Budapest 214 IOC
2 Csaba Lendvai Hungary Hungary Budapest 210 IOC
3 Benny Cottele Belgium Belgium mariakerke 185 Clements
4 Stu Elsom United Kingdom United Kingdom Ellington 171 IOC
5 Gigi Sahlstrand Sweden Sweden Svartsjö 170 IOC
6 Andris Klepers Latvia Latvia Valmiera 166 IOC
7 Anon user Sweden Sweden 161   IOC
8 Jan Wendeby  World 156 IOC
9 Joakim Cederlund Sweden Sweden Göteborg 141 IOC
10 Johan Södercrantz Sweden Sweden Uppsala 139 Clements
11 Daniel Rosengren Sweden Sweden Gävle 137 IOC
12 Ivo  Dinsbergs Latvia Latvia Riga 130 Clements
13 Steve Lister United Kingdom United Kingdom Loughborough 122 IOC
14 Andras Fodor Hungary Hungary Csömör 119 Clements
15 Anders Borgehed Sweden Sweden Urshult 118 Clements
16 Anita Ericson Sweden Sweden Bor 115 IOC
17 Peter-Paul Kluit Netherlands Netherlands Bassendorf 114 Clements
17 Gaidis Grandāns Latvia Latvia Druviena 114 Clements
19 Paul Marshall United Kingdom United Kingdom Bristol 112 IOC
20 Andrzej Urbaniec Poland Poland Krakow 104 IOC
21 Ivars Brediks Latvia Latvia Riga 80 Clements
22 Alan Graham United Kingdom United Kingdom Falkland 78 IOC
23 Ashley Banwell United Kingdom United Kingdom Cockley Cley 69 Clements
24 Per Thylén Sweden Sweden Göteborg 63 IOC
24 Anon user United States United States 63   Clements
26 Fredrik Ellin Sweden Sweden Kalmar 60 Clements
27 Peeter Boldt-Christmas Sweden Sweden Vallentuna 22 Clements
28 Mareks Kilups Latvia Latvia Rīga/Valle 17 Clements
29 Marcis Tirums Latvia Latvia Riga 16 Clements
30 Paul Hyland United Kingdom United Kingdom London 15 IOC
30 Nico de Vries Netherlands Netherlands Sellingen 15 Clements
32 Thibaud Daumal France France Senlis 12 Clements
33 Markus Rehnberg Sweden Sweden Västerås 7 IOC
34 Sandis Laime Latvia Latvia Cēsis 4 Clements
35 John (Jack) Hanna Canada Canada Dundas 2 IOC
35 Bence Kókay Hungary Hungary Budapest 2 IOC
35 Anon user Poland Poland 2   IOC
38 Mārtiņš Briedis Latvia Latvia Rīga 1 Clements
38 Rene Ottesson Estonia Estonia Tallinn 1 Clements
38 Mårten Wikström Sweden Sweden Stockholm 1 IOC
38 Jakob Dall Denmark Denmark Hellerup 1 Clements
38 Bo Beolens United Kingdom United Kingdom Margate 1 IOC
38 Stefan Ericsson Sweden Sweden Umeå 1 Clements
38 Morten Dehn Denmark Denmark Hillerød 1 IOC
38 Bird Explorers Thailand Thailand Bangkok 1 Clements

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