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Cochise (az) - Birds

  Name Country City No of taxa   Checklist
1 Tonya Tromblee United States United States Salem 166 IOC
2 André Weiss Switzerland Switzerland Winterthur 162 IOC
3 Mikael Arinder Sweden Sweden Kävlinge 158 IOC
4 Catherine McFadden United States United States Claremont, CA 151 Clements
5 Anon user Sweden Sweden 130   IOC
6 Fredrik Åstrand Sweden Sweden Alingsås 113 IOC
7 Cathy Pasterczyk Austria Austria Vienna 112 Clements
8 Daniel Bengtsson Sweden Sweden Kalmar 111 Clements
9 Anon user Sweden Sweden 104   Clements
10 Mikael Rosén Sweden Sweden Lund 101 IOC
11 David Kidwell United States United States Damascus 100 Clements
12 Jørn Thollefsen Norway Norway Larvik 91 Clements
13 Sam Sinderson Jr United States United States Pittsburgh 76 Clements
14 Rosemary  Joganic United States United States St Louis 74 IOC
15 Anon user United Kingdom United Kingdom 66   IOC
16 Richard Hasegawa United States United States Tulsa 63 Clements
17 Walter Baele Belgium Belgium Sint Gillis Waas 62 Clements
18 James McKay United States United States Mesa 58 Clements
19 Howard Orridge United Kingdom United Kingdom Melton Mowbray 54 IOC
20 Gabor Bodor Hungary Hungary Budapest 53 IOC
21 Csaba Lendvai Hungary Hungary Budapest 52 IOC
22 Roger Simard Canada Canada Quebec 51 Clements
23 Örjan Sjögren Sweden Sweden Johanneshov 50 Clements
24 Peter Gilchrist Canada Canada Toronto 49 IOC
24 Anon user United States United States 49   Clements
26 Anon user United States United States 47   Clements
27 Carlos Sanchez United States United States Miami 45 Clements
28 Marcel Holyoak United States United States Los Gatos 43 IOC
29 Håkan Sandin Sweden Sweden Borlänge 40 IOC
30 Pia Öberg Sweden Sweden Uppsala 39 IOC
30 Stephen Mawby United Kingdom United Kingdom Braunton 39 IOC
30 Göran Frisk Sweden Sweden Sollentuna 39 IOC
33 Jesper Danielson Sweden Sweden Stockholm 37 IOC
34 Attila Steiner Hungary Hungary Budapest 33 IOC
35 Michael Mosebo Jensen Denmark Denmark Middelfart 23 IOC
36 Tonis Niilus United States United States Upland 21 Clements
37 Erling Jirle Sweden Sweden Lund 12 IOC
37 Robert Tuveson Sweden Sweden Vargön 12 IOC
37 Mika Ohtonen Finland Finland Helsinki 12 IOC
40 Chantal Fletcher United States United States Madera 9 Clements
40 christine miller United States United States madera 9 IOC
40 Hans-Åke Gustavsson Sweden Sweden Malmö 9 Clements
43 Anita Ericson Sweden Sweden Bor 5 IOC
44 Ben Mines United Kingdom United Kingdom London 4 IOC
44 James Leone United States United States Connecticut 4 Clements
46 Lars-Olof Sandberg Sweden Sweden Pixbo 2 Clements
47 Lars-Åke Karlsson Sweden Sweden Karlstad 1 IOC
47 Neil Davis Canada Canada Langley 1 IOC
47 Frank Gill United States United States Stockton NJ 1 IOC
47 Niels Bomholt Denmark Denmark Ulbølle 1 Clements
47 Romney Bathurst United States United States Warrenton, VA 1 IOC
47 Hans Bucht Sweden Sweden Vålberg 1 IOC
47 Erik Wahlgren Sweden Sweden Stockholm 1 IOC
47 sterling blanchard United States United States St Simons Island 1 IOC

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