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Cameroon - Birds

  Name Country City No of taxa   Checklist
1 Stefan Ericsson Sweden Sweden Umeå 679 Clements
2 Nigel Voaden United Kingdom United Kingdom Fife 644 IOC
3 Marcel Holyoak United States United States Los Gatos 637 IOC
4 Claes-Göran Cederlund Sweden Sweden Träslövsläge 623 IOC
5 Ola Elleström Sweden Sweden Malmö 601 IOC
6 Jonas Starck Sweden Sweden Lagan 588 IOC
7 K Lundqvist Sweden Sweden Mölndal 587 IOC
8 Erling Jirle Sweden Sweden Lund 583 IOC
9 Stefan Andersson Sweden Sweden Reftele 581 IOC
10 Bengt-Eric Sjölinder Sweden Sweden Degerhamn 580 IOC
11 Jonathan Newman United Kingdom United Kingdom Peterborough 576 IOC
12 Gary Starr United States United States Weybridge 574 IOC
13 Jan Wendeby  World 571 IOC
14 Gordon Smith United Kingdom United Kingdom St.Helens 569 IOC
15 Krister Wahlström Sweden Sweden Ljungby 566 IOC
16 Angie Cederlund United Kingdom United Kingdom Träslövsläge 564 IOC
17 Kathleen Starr United States United States Weybridge 563 IOC
18 John Hopkins United Kingdom United Kingdom Norfolk 561 IOC
19 Bengt Grandin Sweden Sweden Skanör 557 IOC
20 Anon user Belgium Belgium 552   IOC
21 Barry Wright United Kingdom United Kingdom Northfleet 550 IOC
22 Jonas Nordin Sweden Sweden Stockholm 541 IOC
23 Markus Lagerqvist Sweden Sweden Hovås 539 IOC
24 Peary  Stafford United States United States Brooklyn 534 Clements
25 Derrick WILBY South Africa South Africa Johannesburg 523 IOC
26 Anon user United Kingdom United Kingdom 522   IOC
27 Neil Davis Canada Canada Langley 521 IOC
28 Niels Dreyer Denmark Denmark Fuglebjerg 512 Clements
29 Stephen Lowe United Kingdom United Kingdom Cambridge 483 IOC
30 Anders Lundquist Sweden Sweden Färjestaden 482 IOC
31 Chris Lester Australia Australia Travancore 474 IOC
31 Peter Kaestner United States United States Cockeysville, MD 474 IOC
33 John Hardister United States United States Concord 462 IOC
34 Joe Thompson United States United States Palm Springs 444 IOC
35 Fredrik Ellin Sweden Sweden Kalmar 418 Clements
36 Simon Colenutt United Kingdom United Kingdom Romsey 415 IOC
37 Sylvia Ahn United States United States Tracy 396 IOC
37 Peter Schmidt Sweden Sweden Uppsala 396 Clements
39 Anon user United States United States 386   IOC
40 Pete Morris United Kingdom United Kingdom Clitheroe 383 IOC
41 Andrzej Urbaniec Poland Poland Krakow 382 IOC
42 Leon Sapigórski Poland Poland Zielona Góra 377 IOC
43 Morten Heegaard Denmark Denmark Rødovre 374 IOC
44 Sally Conyne United States United States Stockton NJ 358 IOC
45 Sten Stemme Sweden Sweden Lidingö 350 IOC
46 David Hoddinott South Africa South Africa Pietermaritzburg 346 IOC
47 Ashley Banwell United Kingdom United Kingdom Cockley Cley 345 Clements
48 David Thorns France France Montreuil 336 Clements
49 Keith Valentine South Africa South Africa Cascades 333 IOC
50 Frank Gill United States United States Stockton NJ 318 IOC
51 Rita Swinnen Belgium Belgium Hasselt 299 IOC
52 Gareth Robbins South Africa South Africa Pietermaritzburg 250 IOC
53 Connie Regnersen Sweden Sweden Nordingrå 222 Clements
54 Martin Fichtler Germany Germany Rosdorf 195 IOC
55 David Holyoak Portugal Portugal Cabeçudo 186 Clements
56 Mikael Forsman Sweden Sweden Göteborg 132 IOC
57 Erik Svensson Sweden Sweden Dalby 113 Clements
58 jean marc extra France France marseille 99 IOC
59 Stu Elsom United Kingdom United Kingdom Ellington 93 IOC
60 Jens Ole Byskov Denmark Denmark Esbjerg 81 Clements
61 Jean Hugé Belgium Belgium Gent 75 Clements
62 Anon user Sweden Sweden 60   IOC
63 David Gibbs United Kingdom United Kingdom Weston-super-Mare 43 IOC
64 Olivier Benoist France France Le Havre 29 IOC
65 Anon user Norway Norway 25   Clements
66 Anon user Sweden Sweden 3   IOC
67 Anon user United States United States 1   IOC
67 Conny Palm Sweden Sweden Göteborg 1 Clements

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