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Armenia - Birds

  Name Country City No of taxa   Checklist
1 Mårten Wikström Sweden Sweden Stockholm 261 IOC
2 Attila Steiner Hungary Hungary Budapest 229 IOC
3 Ole Zoltan  Göller Denmark Denmark Tjæreborg 205 IOC
4 Bosse Carlsson Sweden Sweden Degerhamn 198 IOC
4 Stephen Davis United Kingdom United Kingdom Hook 198 IOC
4 Peter Gilchrist Canada Canada Toronto 198 IOC
7 Paul Matson United Kingdom United Kingdom Fernhurst 188 IOC
8 Thomas Pettersson Sweden Sweden Västerås 186 IOC
9 Kathleen Starr United States United States Weybridge 182 IOC
9 Gary Starr United States United States Weybridge 182 IOC
11 Janne Aalto Finland Finland Parikkala 178 Clements
12 Mathias Bergström Sweden Sweden Nacka 176 IOC
13 Ben Mines United Kingdom United Kingdom London 168 IOC
13 Rene Ottesson Estonia Estonia Tallinn 168 Clements
15 Aron Norrby Sweden Sweden Vallentuna 167 IOC
16 Anon user Sweden Sweden 155   IOC
16 Jocko Hammar Sweden Sweden Stockholm 155 IOC
18 Fredrik Asplund Sweden Sweden Älmhult 153 IOC
19 Lynn Youngs United Kingdom United Kingdom Edinburgh 150 IOC
20 Keith Youngs United Kingdom United Kingdom Edinburgh 148 IOC
21 Bjørn Fuldseth Norway Norway Stjørdal 146 Clements
22 Johnny Johansson Sweden Sweden Skillingaryd 142 IOC
22 Mats Alderus Sweden Sweden Vaggeryd 142 IOC
24 Niels Dreyer Denmark Denmark Fuglebjerg 132 Clements
25 Göran Frisk Sweden Sweden Sollentuna 117 IOC
26 Rita Swinnen Belgium Belgium Hasselt 108 IOC
27 Jacob Sterup Denmark Denmark Faaborg 103 Clements
28 Andrzej Urbaniec Poland Poland Krakow 97 IOC
29 Radek Holiš Czech Republic Czech Republic Kroměříž 91 IOC
30 Robert Godden United Kingdom United Kingdom Sandhurst 89 IOC
31 Patrik Blomquist Sweden Sweden Stockholm 81 Clements
32 Pekka Alestalo Finland Finland Helsinki 78 IOC
33 Suann Hosie Canada Canada West Vancouver 56 Clements
34 Morten Christensen Denmark Denmark Sorø 31 Clements
35 Mareks Kilups Latvia Latvia Rīga/Valle 21 Clements
36 John (Jack) Hanna Canada Canada Dundas 16 IOC
36 Ian Callender United Kingdom United Kingdom London 16 IOC
38 Runo Edholm Sweden Sweden Stenhamra 11 Clements
39 Peter Kaestner United States United States Cockeysville, MD 4 IOC

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