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Search results

Karnataka - Birds

  Name Country City No of taxa   Checklist
1 Barry Wright United Kingdom United Kingdom Northfleet 210 IOC
2 Keith Youngs United Kingdom United Kingdom Edinburgh 140 IOC
3 Anon user United Kingdom United Kingdom 121   IOC
3 Lynn Youngs United Kingdom United Kingdom Edinburgh 121 IOC
5 Henrik Druid Sweden Sweden Linköping 98 IOC
5 Göran Pettersson Sweden Sweden Lund 98 IOC
7 Anon user Israel Israel 97   IOC
8 Per Ole Syvertsen Norway Norway Mo i Rana 96 Clements
9 Jonathan Newman United Kingdom United Kingdom Peterborough 88 IOC
10 Bengt Grandin Sweden Sweden Skanör 85 IOC
11 Ewa Knutson Sweden Sweden Trollhättan 82 IOC
12 Daniel Mauras France France PARIS 64 IOC
13 Mike Diment United Kingdom United Kingdom Usk 63 IOC
14 Csaba Lendvai Hungary Hungary Budapest 53 IOC
15 Frank Gill United States United States Stockton NJ 51 IOC
16 Attila Steiner Hungary Hungary Budapest 48 IOC
16 Tobias Ljungquist Sweden Sweden Stockholm 48 IOC
18 Derrick WILBY South Africa South Africa Johannesburg 42 IOC
19 Arne Holgersson Sweden Sweden Lund 38 Clements
20 Robert Tuveson Sweden Sweden Vargön 37 IOC
21 Gaëll Mainguy France France Fontenay sous bois 29 IOC
22 Clayton Burne South Africa South Africa Pietermaritzburg 25 IOC
23 Tim Bawden Australia Australia Huntingdale 24 IOC
23 Christian Cederroth Sweden Sweden Degerhamn 24 IOC
25 Thomas Grønn Norway Norway Oslo 21 Clements
26 Per Grenabo Sweden Sweden Lidköping 18 Clements
27 Björn Abelson Sweden Sweden Lund 9 IOC
28 Bengt-Eric Sjölinder Sweden Sweden Degerhamn 8 IOC
28 Anders Lundquist Sweden Sweden Färjestaden 8 IOC
30 Peter Gilchrist Canada Canada Toronto 6 IOC
31 Krister Wahlström Sweden Sweden Ljungby 4 IOC
31 Håkan Carlestam Sweden Sweden Örebro 4 IOC
33 Sebbe Nilsson Sweden Sweden Stockholm 2 IOC
33 Herbert Baumann Sweden Sweden Kallhäll 2 Clements
33 Torben Hansen Denmark Denmark Copenhagen 2 IOC
36 Per Thylén Sweden Sweden Göteborg 1 IOC
36 Ante Strand Sweden Sweden Täby 1 Clements
36 Romney Bathurst United States United States Warrenton, VA 1 IOC
36 Adrien Heymans Belgium Belgium Ottignies 1 IOC

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