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Search results

Falkland Islands (Malvinas) - Mammals

  Name Country City No of taxa  
1 Anon user United Kingdom United Kingdom 11  
2 Mark Tasker United Kingdom United Kingdom Banchory 8
3 Ryan Irvine United Kingdom United Kingdom Norwich 7
4 Anon user Hungary Hungary 6  
4 Sandra Eadie Canada Canada Toronto 6
4 Paul Hyland United Kingdom United Kingdom London 6
4 Dianne King South Africa South Africa Howick 6
4 Anita Ericson Sweden Sweden Bor 6
4 Staffan Morander Sweden Sweden Växjö 6
10 Nigel Hewitt United Kingdom United Kingdom Exeter 5
10 Anon user Sweden Sweden 5  
12 Anon user Ecuador Ecuador 4  
12 Anon user United States United States 4  
12 Joe Thompson United States United States Palm Springs 4
12 Jonas Starck Sweden Sweden Lagan 4
12 Claes-Göran Cederlund Sweden Sweden Träslövsläge 4
12 Anon user Canada Canada 4  
12 Kjetil Jensen Sweden Sweden Västerås 4
19 Alan Fieldus Australia Australia Melbourne 3
19 Rob Rackliffe United Kingdom United Kingdom Walmer 3
19 Leon Sapigórski Poland Poland Zielona Góra 3
19 Smets Marc Belgium Belgium Turnhout 3
19 Mark Pearman Argentina Argentina Buenos Aires 3
24 Anon user United Kingdom United Kingdom 2  
24 Andrew W. Clarke Norway Norway Horten 2
24 Tommy Pettersson Finland Finland Brändö Åland 2
27 Kathy Walter Australia Australia Canberra 1
27 John Goldie Australia Australia Canberra 1
27 Stefan Gustafsson Sweden Sweden Stockholm 1
27 Per Grenabo Sweden Sweden Lidköping 1

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