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1 New Zealand Needle Sedge
Carex acicularis
Endemic to New Zealand. North, South and Stewart Islands. In the North Island confined to the main axial Mountains from the Raukumara Range South including the Volcanic Plateau. In the South and Stewart Islands widespread.
2 Smooth Black Sedge
Carex acuta
Europe (except the far north and the far south), north-west Africa, eastwards to central Siberia
3 Carex acuta x nigra ssp. nigra
Carex acuta × nigra subsp. nigra
4 Carex acuta x nigra ssp. juncella
Carex acuta × nigra subsp. juncella
Carex acuta × aquatilis
6 Lesser Pond Sedge
Carex acutiformis
Central Europe to central Asia
7 White Sedge
Carex alba
8 Hawaii Sedge
Carex alligata
Carex appressa
New Zealand, Australia, New Guinea and New Caledonia
10 Fibrous Tussock Sedge
Carex appropinquata
Central and northern Europe, westwards to central Siberia
11 Water Sedge
Carex aquatilis
Carex aquatilis × elata
13     Water Sedge aquatilis
    Carex aquatilis ssp. aquatilis
14     Water Sedge stans
    Carex aquatilis ssp. stans
Northern North America, north Siberia, Svalbard. Probably in north Norway. Included in Carex aquatilis agg.
Carex arctogena
16 Sand Sedge
Carex arenaria
17 Carex arenaria x ligerica
Carex arenaria
Carex asturica
Mountains of N. Spain & N. Portugal
Carex atherodes
20 Slenderbeak Sedge
Carex athrostachya
North America
21 Black Alpine Sedge
Carex atrata
Arctic Europe and mountains, Greenland: Faroe Islands; Finland; Iceland; Norway; Sweden; United Kingdom; Austria; Czechoslovakia; Germany; Poland; Switzerland; Bulgaria; Former Yugoslavia; Greece; Italy; Romania; France; Spain; Greenland; Russian Federation - Arkhangelsk, Karelia, Komi, Murmansk, Nenets, Yamal Nenets
22 Carex atrata x norvegica ssp. inferalpina
Carex atrata
23 Darkbrown Sedge
Carex atrofusca
24 Golden Sedge
Carex aurea
North America
25 Tyrolian Sedge
Carex baldensis
26 Santa Barbara Sedge
Carex barbarae
United States: California, Oregon
27 Bebb's Sedge
Carex bebbii
Carex berteroana
Endemic on Juan Fernandez Islands, Chile
29 Two-coloured Sedge
Carex bicolor
30 Stiff Sedge
Carex bigelowii
    Carex bigelowii ssp. arctisibirica
    Carex bigelowii ssp. rigida
33 Green-ribbed Sedge
Carex binervis
Carex bohemica
Carex brachystachys
36 Shortstem Sedge
Carex brevicaulis
Eoastal British Columbia south to San Luis Obispo County, California.
Carex brevior
Carex brizoides
39 Greater Brown Sedge
Carex brunnea
40 Brownish Sedge
Carex brunnescens
Carex brunnescens var. brunnescens
Carex brunnescens var. laetior
43 Leatherleaf Sedge
Carex buchananii
Carex buekii
45 Club Sedge
Carex buxbaumii
    Carex buxbaumii ssp. buxbaumii
    Carex buxbaumii ssp. mutica
48 California Sedge
Carex californica
United States: California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington
Carex canariensis
50 White Sedge
Carex canescens
51 Carex canescens x mackenziei
Carex canescens
52 Carex canescens x dioica
Carex canescens
53 Carex canescens canescens
Carex canescens var. canescens
54 Carex canescens robustior
Carex canescens var. robustior
55 Hair Sedge
Carex capillaris
Holarctic, arctic and cool temperate
    Carex capillaris ssp. capillaris
    Carex capillaris ssp. fuscidula
    Carex capillaris ssp. robustior
59 Capitate Sedge
Carex capitata
Arctic circumpolar, with outliers in the Alps, Caucasus, Rocky Mts.
60 Spring Sedge
Carex caryophyllea
Central Europe to central Asia
Carex cespitosa
Eastern and central Europe to eastern Siberia
62 Chihuahuan Sedge
Carex chihuahuensis
Carex chlorantha
64 String Sedge
Carex chordorrhiza
Holarctic, arctic and cool temperate
Carex comans
New Zealand
66 Bristly Sedge
Carex comosa
North America
Carex coriacea
New Zealand
68 Crawford's sedge
Carex crawfordii
North America
69 Fringed Sedge
Carex crinita
North America
70 Crested Sedge
Carex cristatella
North America
Carex cuprina
Much of Europe; W. & N. Asia; N. Africa
72 Alpine Sedge
Carex curvula
West Palaearctic (Central and Southern Europe).
    Carex curvula ssp. curvula
See species level (same).
    Carex curvula ssp. rosae
Andorra, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech, France, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland.
75 Bath Sedge
Carex davalliana
76 Common Yellow Sedge
Carex demissa
Western Europe (eastwards to Karelia), easternmost Canada, north-eastern USA
77 Carex demissa x viridula var. viridula
Carex demissa
78 Carex demissa x flava
Carex demissa × flava
79 Carex demissa x hostiana
Carex demissa × hostiana
80 Dense Sedge
Carex densa
Western USA: California to Washington State.
Carex depauperata
EUROPE Northern Europe: Ireland; United Kingdom Middle Europe: Belgium; Germany; Switzerland East Europe: Ukraine - Krym; Russian Federation - Dagestan Southeastern Europe: Albania; Bulgaria; Former Yugoslavia; Greece; Italy [incl. Sicily]; Romania Southwestern Europe: France [incl. Corsica]; Spain ASIA-TEMPERATE Western Asia: Iran; Iraq; Turkey Caucasus: Azerbaijan Soviet Middle Asia: Kyrgyzstan; Tajikistan
82 Lesser Tussock Sedge
Carex diandra
Holarctic, temperate
Carex diandra var. diandra
Carex diandra var. major
85 Fingered Sedge
Carex digitata
Central and eastern Europe, Caucasus
86 Dioecious Sedge
Carex dioica
Carex disperma
Carex dissita
New Zealand
Carex distachya
AFRICA: Algeria; Canary Islands; Libya; Morocco; Tunisia. ASIA: Cyprus; Lebanon; Turkey. EUROPE: Albania; Bosnia-Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; France [incl. Corsica]; Greece [incl. Crete]; Italy [incl. Sardinia, Sicily]; Montenegro; Portugal; Spain [incl. Balearic Islands]; Turkey.
90 Distant Sedge
Carex distans
Central and southern Europe, shores of northern Europe, North Africa
91 Brown Sedge
Carex disticha
Northern and central Europe to central Asia
Carex divisa
93 Grey Sedge
Carex divulsa
Central and southern Europe, North Africa, Macaronesia, eastwards to central Asia: Sweden; Norway; Denmark; Ireland; Norway; United Kingdom; Austria; Belgium; Czech Republic; Germany; Hungary; Netherlands; Poland; Slovakia; Switzerland; Albania; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Former Yugoslavia; Greece [incl. Crete]; Italy [incl. Sardinia, Sicily]; Macedonia; Romania; Slovenia; France [incl. Corsica]; Portugal; Spain [incl. Baleares]; Canary Islands; Algeria [n.]; Morocco; Tunisia; Iran; Iraq; Israel; Jordan; Lebanon; Syria; Turkey; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Georgia; Russian Federation - Ciscaucasia, Dagestan; Russian Federation - European part, Altay, Gorno-Altay, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk [s.], Novosibirsk, Tomsk; Kyrgyzstan; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan; Pakistan [n.]
    Carex divulsa ssp. leersii
Carex duvaliana
96 Star Sedge
Carex echinata
Europe, North America, eastern Asia, Australia, New Zealand
Carex echinochloë
Africa: eastern Africa (Ethiopia to Malawi), Cameroon
98 Tufted Sedge
Carex elata
Central and northern Europe to central Siberia: Sweden; Denmark; Finland; Ireland; Norway; United Kingdom; Austria; Belgium; Czechoslovakia; Germany; Hungary; Netherlands; Poland; Belarus; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Ukraine; Former Yugoslavia; Greece; Italy [incl. Sicily]; Romania; France [incl. Corsica]; Portugal; Spain; Iran; Iraq; Turkey; Armenia; Georgia; Russian Federation - European part, Tuva, Western Siberia
99     Tufted-sedge elata
    Carex elata ssp. elata
    Carex elata ssp. omskiana
    Carex elata ssp. reuteriana
Endemic to Iberian Pen.
102 Gingerbread Sedge
Carex elongata
103 Heath Sedge
Carex ericetorum
Central and northern Europe, eastwards to central Siberia
104 Long-bracted Sedge
Carex extensa
Seashores of Europe, except the far north, and the Mediterranean Basin, Black Sea, Caspian Sea (western coast)
Carex ferruginea
Carex filiformis
Carex firma
Middle Europe: Austria; Czechoslovakia; Germany; Poland; Switzerland East Europe: Ukraine Southeastern Europe: Former Yugoslavia; Italy; Romania Southwestern Europe: France
108 Glaucous Sedge
Carex flacca
Europe, North Africa
109     Carex flacca flacca
    Carex flacca ssp. erythrostachys
    Carex flacca ssp. serrulata
Countries surrounding the Black and Mediterranean Seas.
Carex flagellifera
New Zealand
112 Large Yellow Sedge
Carex flava
North Africa, Europe (central and northern, eastern and northwestern North America
113 Carex flava x viridula var. viridula
Carex flava
114 Carex flava x hostiana var. hostiana
Carex flava
115 Carex flava x lepidocarpa
Carex flava
Carex flaviformis
New Zealand and Tasmania
Carex forsteri
New Zealand
Carex frigida
Carex fuliginosa
    Carex fuliginosa ssp. misandra
Carex fusca
Carex gaudichaudiana
New Zealand, Australia and New Guinea
Carex geminata
New Zealand
124 White Mountain Sedge
Carex geophila
California and Colorado to Guatemala
125 Glacier Sedge
Carex glacialis
High Arctic circumpolar
126 Gravel Sedge
Carex glareosa
High Arctic circumboreal
127 Roundfruit Sedge
Carex globosa
California endemic, mostly in coastal ranges.
128 Globular Sedge
Carex globularis
Arctic and cool temperate Eurasia
129 Gray's Sedge
Carex grayi
Eastern North America from Québec to Florida, westwards to Oklahoma and Kansas
Carex guestphalica
131 Northern Bog Sedge
Carex gynocrates
Carex halleriana
NW Africa, S and southern C Europe, Crimea, Turkey, Caucasus, NW Iran (Elburz Mts.), ?Kashmir.
133 Österbottensstarr
Carex halophila
134 Hartman's Sedge
Carex hartmanii
Central and eastern Europe, west to Eastern France, north to southern Scandinavia, eastwards to central Siberia, disjunct Caucasus
135 Myrstarr
Carex heleonastes
Carex helodes
137 Hairy Sedge
Carex hirta
North Africa, Europe, Caucasus: Denmark; Finland; Ireland; Norway; Sweden; United Kingdom; Austria; Belgium; Czechoslovakia; Germany; Hungary; Netherlands; Poland; Switzerland; Belarus; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Ukraine; Albania; Bulgaria; Former Yugoslavia; Greece; Italy; Romania; France [incl. Corsica]; Portugal; Spain; Morocco; Iran; Turkey; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Georgia; Russian Federation - European part, Ciscaucasia, Dagestan
138 Hairy Sedge
Carex hirtifolia
North America
139 Kolstarr
Carex holostoma
Carex hordeistichos
EUROPE Middle Europe: Austria; Germany; Czechoslovakia; Hungary East Europe: Russian Federation - European part; Ukraine [incl. Krym] Southeastern Europe: Bulgaria; Former Yugoslavia; Romania Southwestern Europe: France; Spain AFRICA Northern Africa: Algeria; Morocco; Tunisia ASIA-TEMPERATE Western Asia: Iran; Iraq; Turkey Caucasus: Armenia; Azerbaijan; Georgia; Russian Federation - Ciscaucasia, Dagestan
141 Tawny Sedge
Carex hostiana
Central and northwestern Europe, easternmost Canada
142 Carex hostiana x viridula var. viridula
Carex hostiana
143 Carex hostiana eckeroeensis
Carex hostiana var. eckeroeënsis
144 Carex hostiana hostiana
Carex hostiana var. hostiana
Carex humilis
146 Bottlebrush Sedge
Carex hystericina
North America
147 Greater Bladder Sedge
Carex intumescens
148 Japanese Sedge
Carex japonica
Russia; China; Korea; Japan
Carex kaloides
New Zealand
150 Finstarr
Carex krausei
151 Haresfoot Sedge
Carex lachenalii
High Arctic circumboreal
152 Common Lake Sedge
Carex lacustris
North America
153 Smooth-stalked Sedge
Carex laevigata
Carex lambertiana
New Zealand
Carex lanceolata
156 Lapland Sedge
Carex lapponica
Arctic circumboreal
157 Slender Sedge
Carex lasiocarpa
158 Broadvein Sedge
Carex lativena
159 Slack Sedge
Carex laxa
West Palaearctic (Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden).
Carex lenta
161 Long-stalked Yellow Sedge
Carex lepidocarpa
162     Carex lepidocarpa
    Carex lepidocarpa ssp. jemtlandica
163     Carex lepidocarpa
    Carex lepidocarpa ssp. lepidocarpa
164 Oval Sedge
Carex leporina
Albania; Algeria; Amur; Austria; Azores; Baltic States; Belarus; Belgium; British Columbia; Bulgaria; California; Central European Rus; Connecticut; Corse; Czechoslovakia; Denmark; East European Russia; Finland; France; Froyar; Germany; Great Britain; Greece; Hungary; Ireland; Irkutsk; Italy; Khabarovsk; Krasnoyarsk; KwaZulu-Natal; Maine; Mongolia; Morocco; Netherlands; Nevada; New Brunswick; New Hampshire; New York; New Zealand North; Newfoundland; North Carolina; North Caucasus; North European Russi; Northwest European R; Norway; Nova Scotia; Oregon; Pennsylvania; Poland; Portugal; Primorye; Prince Edward I.; Qubec; Romania; Sardegna; Sicilia; South European Russi; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Tasmania; Tennessee; Transcaucasus; Turkey; Ukraine; Washington; West Himalaya; West Siberia; Wisconsin; Xinjiang; Yugoslavia
165 Huachuca Mountain Sedge
Carex leucodonta
Carex libera
New Zealand
167 Ölandsstarr
Carex ligerica
168 Bog Sedge
Carex limosa
Holarctic, arctic to cool temperate
169 Livid Sedge
Carex livida
Fennoscandia, northern North America, Kuriles
170 Ryegrass Sedge
Carex loliacea
Holarctic, cool temperate and arctic
171 Long's Sedge
Carex longii
E North America
172 Hop Sedge
Carex lupulina
E North America
173 Islandsstarr
Carex lyngbyei
174 Norway Sedge
Carex mackenziei
Coasts of Scandinavia and northwesternmost Russia, Beringia from Kuriles to British Columbia, Arctic North America: Finland; Iceland; Norway; Sweden; Estonia; Latvia; Canada - Yukon Territory, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario [n.], Prince Edward Island, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba [n.], Saskatchewan; Greenland; United States - Alaska; Maine; Russian Federation - Arkhangelsk, Karelia, Murmansk, Krasnoyarsk [n.], Kamchatka, Magadan, Sakhalin
175 Thick-headed Sedge
Carex macloviana
Carex macrocephala
Carex maculata
China; Japan; Taiwan
178 Tall Bog Sedge
Carex magellanica
Holarctic, subarctic and cool temperate, disjunct in the Alps, Carpathians, and Caucasus, also Tierra del Fuego
179     Sumpstarr
    Carex magellanica ssp. irrigua
    Carex magellanica ssp. magellanica
Southernmost South America: Argentina - Chubut, Neuquen, Rio Negro, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego; Chile
Carex maorica
New Zealand
182 Sea Sedge
Carex marina
183 Curved Sedge
Carex maritima
Arctic circumpolar, Alps, Caucasus, Himalayas
184 Mead's Sedge
Carex meadii
185 Closedhead Sedge
Carex media
Carex melanostachya
187 Fragile Sedge
Carex membranacea
Arctic & high-boreal of N. America and Russian Far East
188 Mendocino Sedge
Carex mendocinensis
United States - Oregon, California
Carex mertensii
Carex michelii
191 Bristle Sedge
Carex microglochin
High mountain areas of Eurasia, Arctic North America, disjunct Rocky Mts.
192 Troublesome Sedge
Carex molesta
Carex monostachya
Native to Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. It has been recorded in Mts. Kenya, Aberdares and Elgon at altitudes of 2,700-4,400 m above sea level.
194 Soft-leaved Sedge
Carex montana
195 Morrow's Sedge
Carex morrowii
Carex mucronata
197 Muhlenberg's Sedge
Carex muehlenbergii
Carex muelleri
New Zealand
199 Prickly Sedge
Carex muricata
200 Variegated Palm Sedge
Carex muskingumensis
Nearctic (E Canada, NE US, central NE US and N Prairie States of the US). (West Palaearctic (alien to Czech).)
201 Spike Sedge
Carex nardina
    Carex nardina ssp. hepburnii
Svalbard, Greenland
    Carex nardina ssp. nardina
North Scandinavia
204 Nebraska Sedge
Carex nebrascensis
205 Common Sedge
Carex nigra
    Carex nigra ssp. juncella
    Carex nigra ssp. nigra
    Carex nigra ssp. nigra var. nigra
    Carex nigra ssp. nigra var. recta
210 Close-headed Alpine Sedge
Carex norvegica
Holarctic, arctic and subarctic, disjunct in the European Alps
211     Norway Sedge
    Carex norvegica ssp. norvegica
212 Naked Sedge
Carex nudata
California: North Coast, Klamath Ranges, Outer North Coast Ranges, High Sierra Nevada, Sacramento Valley, Central Coast, South Coast Ranges; Oregon.
213 Slough Sedge
Carex obnupta
Western North America: British Columbia to California.
214 Trubbstarr
Carex obtusata
215 Western Sedge
Carex occidentalis
W United States
Carex oederi
Carex oederi var. serpentini
218 Birdsfoot Sedge
Carex ornithopoda
Central and northern Europe, mostly mountains: Finland; Norway; Sweden; United Kingdom; Austria; Belgium; Czechoslovakia; Germany; Poland; Switzerland; Belarus; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Russian Federation - European part; Ukraine; Albania; Former Yugoslavia; Italy; Romania; France [incl. Corsica]; Spain
Carex ornithopodioides
220 False Fox Sedge
Carex otrubae
221 C. x pseudoaxillaris
Carex otrubae x remota
222 chamisso sedge
Carex pachystachya
223 Peninsula Sedge
Carex paeninsulae
United States - NC Florida
224 Prickly Sedge
Carex pairaei
225 Chaffy Sedge
Carex paleacea
Shores of Scandinavia, northwesternmost Russia, northeastern North America (south to Massachusetts)
Carex pallens
227 Pale Sedge
Carex pallescens
228 Carnation Sedge
Carex panicea
Central and northern Europe, Caucasus, central Asian Mts.
229 Greater Tussock Sedge
Carex paniculata
Central Europe, north to southern Scandinavia, Scotland, east to western European Russia, North Africa, Caucasus
230 C. x boenninghauseniana
Carex paniculata x remota
    Carex paniculata ssp. lusitanica
SW. France; Iberian Pen.; Morocco
232 Lappstarr
Carex parallela
Carex parviflora
234 Few-flowered Sedge
Carex pauciflora
Holarctic, cool temperate
Carex paupercula
Carex pediformis
237     Frösöstarr
    Carex pediformis ssp. rhizodes
238 Pendulous Sedge
Carex pendula
Central and southern Europe, western Asia: Denmark; Ireland; United Kingdom; Austria; Belgium; Czechoslovakia; Germany; Hungary; Netherlands; Poland; Switzerland; Belarus; Moldova; Ukraine [incl. Krym]; Albania; Bulgaria; Former Yugoslavia; Greece [incl. Crete]; Italy [incl. Sardinia, Sicily]; Romania; France [incl. Corsica]; Portugal; Spain; Azores; Madeira Islands; Algeria; Morocco; Tunisia; Iran; Iraq; Lebanon; Syria; Turkey; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Georgia
Carex penduliformis
Endemic to Madagasca
240 Pennsylvania Sedge
Carex pensylvanica
North America
Carex peregrina
Endemic on Madeira
Carex petriei
New Zealand
Carex pilosa
244 Pill Sedge
Carex pilulifera
Central and northern Europe, Macaronesia; Azores, Madeira Islands; Denmark; Faroe Islands; Finland; Iceland; Ireland; Norway; Sweden; United Kingdom; Austria; Belgium; Czechoslovakia; Germany; Hungary; Netherlands; Poland; Switzerland; Belarus; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Russian Federation - European part [w.]; Ukraine; Former Yugoslavia; Italy; Romania; France [incl. Corsica]; Portugal; Spain
Carex praecox
246 Clustered Field Sedge
Carex praegracilis
Alaska to C Mexico (Federal District)
247 Meadow Sedge
Carex praticola
Carex pseudobrizoides
249 Cyperus Sedge
Carex pseudocyperus
Central and northern Europe to central Asia, north-eastern North America
250 Flea Sedge
Carex pulicaris
251 Dwarf Sedge
Carex pumila
Russia; China; Japan; Korea; Taiwan; Australia; New Zealand; Chile
252 Dotted Sedge
Carex punctata
Carex pyrenaica
New Zealand and Australia
Carex ramenskii
Carex randalpina
256 Mountain Bog Sedge
Carex rariflora
Circumpolar - high Arctic
257 Estuarine Sedge
Carex recta
258 Remote Sedge
Carex remota
N. Africa, Europe to Japan and W. Malesia: Denmark; Finland; Norway; Sweden; United Kingdom; Austria; Belgium; Czechoslovakia; Germany; Hungary; Netherlands; Poland; Switzerland; Belarus; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Russian Federation - European part; Ukraine [incl. Krym]; Albania; Bulgaria; Former Yugoslavia; Greece [incl. Crete]; Italy [incl. Sardinia, Sicily]; Romania; France [incl. Corsica]; Portugal; Spain; Algeria; Morocco; Tunisia; Afghanistan; Iran; Lebanon; Syria; Turkey; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Georgia; Russian Federation - Ciscaucasia, Dagestan; Bhutan; India - Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Sikkim, Uttar Pradesh; Nepal; Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Java, Sumatra
259 Northwest Territory Sedge
Carex rhynchophysa
Temperate Eurasia (subarctic and cool temperate) , west to northeastern Scandinavia, Northern North America
260 Greater Pond Sedge
Carex riparia
Central and southern Europe eastwards to central Asia
261 Ross's Sedge
Carex rossii
Alaska to Ontario and New Mexico
262 Bottle Sedge
Carex rostrata
Holarctic (subarctic to temperate)
263 Carex rostrata x vesicaria
Carex rostrata
264 Round Sedge
Carex rotundata
Circumpolar, arctic - Scandinavian Mts all the way round to western Greenland
265 Dvärgstarr
Carex rufina
266 Rock Sedge
Carex rupestris
Arctic circumpolar, with outliers in the Alps, Carpathians, Caucasus
267 Saltmarsh Sedge
Carex salina
268 Carex salina x subspathacea
Carex salina
269 Russet Sedge
Carex saxatilis
Circumpolar, arctic and subarctic
270 Single-spike Sedge
Carex scirpoidea
Carex secalina
Carex secta
New Zealand
Carex sempervirens
274 Swamp Carex
Carex senta
United States: Arizona, California; Mexico
275 Twotooth Sedge
Carex serratodens
Western North America from California southward.
Carex sinclairii
New Zealand
Carex solandri
New Zealand
278 Spiked Sedge
Carex spicata
Europe, Turkey, Caucasus, North Africa, eastwards to west-central Siberia
279 Squarrose Sedge
Carex squarrosa
280 Gölstarr
Carex stenolepis
Carex stenophylla
282 Common Fox Sedge
Carex stipata
North America
283 Common Tussock Sedge
Carex stricta
North America
284 Smalaxstarr
Carex strigosa
285 Stiftstarr
Carex stylosa
286 Small Bract Sedge
Carex subbracteata
California: North Coast, North Coast Ranges, Central Coast, San Francisco Bay Area, South Coast Ranges.
287 Brown Sedge
Carex subfusca
Washington to Baja California; Hawaii
288 Hoppner's Sedge
Carex subspathacea
High Arctic circumpolar
289 Weak Arctic Sedge
Carex supina
290 Wood Sedge
Carex sylvatica
Temperate Eurasia, south to Pyrenées, disjunct North Africa, Caucasus, Israel, Iran
291 Narrow-leaved Oval Sedge
Carex tenera
North America
292 Tågstarr
Carex tenuiflora
293 Maui Sedge
Carex thunbergii
China; Japan; United States: Hawaii
294 Thurber's Sedge
Carex thurberi
United States: Arizona; Mexico
295 Downy-fruited Sedge
Carex tomentosa
Central Europe, eastwards to central Siberia: Sweden; United Kingdom; Austria; Belgium; Czechoslovakia; Germany; Hungary; Netherlands; Poland; Switzerland; Belarus; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Ukraine [incl. Krym]; Bulgaria; Former Yugoslavia; Greece; Italy; Romania; France; Spain; Iran; Turkey; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Russian Federation - European part, Ciscaucasia, Dagestan, Eastern Siberia, Western Siberia; Kazakhstan
296 Blunt Broom Sedge
Carex tribuloides
297 Hairy-fruited Lake Sedge
Carex trichocarpa
North America
Carex trifida
299 Klittstarr
Carex trinervis
300 Foothill Sedge
Carex tumulicola
USA: Washington State south to California (North Coast, North Coast Ranges, Sierra Nevada, Central Coast, San Francisco Bay Area, Channel Islands).
Carex umbrosa
    Carex umbrosa ssp. huetiana
Sierra de Guadarrama (Spain); Pyrenees; Carpathians; Caucasus
303 Björnstarr
Carex ursina
304 Salt Marsh Sedge
Carex vacillans
305 Sheathed Sedge
Carex vaginata
Holarctic, south to southern Scandinavia, eastern Poland (disjunct populations in Alps, Caucasus, Pyrenées), northern Japan, Montana, New York
306 Valley Sedge
Carex vallicola
307 Bladder Sedge
Carex vesicaria
Holarctic: Europe (except Mediterranean), Caucasus, eastwards through Siberia to northern Japan and China, northeastern North America, Rocky Mts, westernmost Noth America (British Columbia to California)
308 Florida Hammock Sedge
Carex vexans
United States - Florida
Carex virgata
New Zealand
310 Yellow Sedge
Carex viridula
Europe (except southernmost), Macaronesia, North America, Eastern Asia (Japan, Kamchatka)
Carex viridula var. bergrothii
Carex viridula var. pulchella
Carex viridula var. viridula
314 True Fox Sedge
Carex vulpina
Europe, North Africa, Turkey, Iran, to central Siberia: Denmark; Finland; Norway; Sweden; United Kingdom; Austria; Belgium; Czechoslovakia; Germany; Hungary; Netherlands; Poland; Switzerland; Belarus; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Moldova; Ukraine [incl. Krym]; Albania; Bulgaria; Former Yugoslavia; Greece; Italy; Romania; France [incl. Corsica]; Spain [incl. Corsica]; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Russian Federation - European part, Ciscaucasia, Eastern Siberia, Western Siberia; Kazakhstan; China - Xinjiang
315 Fox Sedge
Carex vulpinoidea
North America; introduced to Europe and New Zealand
316 Oahu Sedge
Carex wahuensis
Carex wakatipu
New Zealand

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