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Depending on your selection, you can have a family or genus displayed.

You have a number of filter options: a. all, ticked or non-ticked (Default all); b. Geographical areas (default All) and c. checklist to be used (default as per your personal settings - Clements 6.7 for birds and GT 2.0 for non-birds). If you have modified the options, you need to click on "Set Filter" to activate.

* Column 1 gives sequence # based on the checklist that has been filtered
* Column 2 has a green tick marker if you have ticked the taxa
* Column 3 shows the IUCN codes (click on the code and you will be linked to IUCN species info site)

By clicking on on the menu line on any of these 3 columns (and column 5 and 6, see below), it will sort ascendingly or descendingly. You restore to the default sequence by clicking on column 1 until you have sequence #1 at the top.

* Column 4 has a Show/Hide marker for polytypic species (i.e. a species with multiple subspecies) - click on to show the underlying taxa; click again to hide. If you have expanded a number of polytypic species, you can hide them all by clicking on the species group itself.

* Column 5 (English name), column 6 (Scientific name) and, if you have the language option other than English, column 7 (Domestic name) are self-explanatory. The English and scientific names are from the checklist that has been filtered (in this case Clements 6.7). The domestic names come from various sources and translations.

* Column 8 has markers for species or subspecies with photos ( links to Photo Gallery) and those which lack photos ( links to Photo Upload page).

You can set the value on how many entries you want to display at a time. Also, you have a Search field with a predictive search function (starts after you have typed two letters) which is handy when browsing through big species groups like e.g. hummingbirds.

Finally, you will be redirected to the info page of the species which is highlighted in yellow by clicking on it.
Search results


1 Spruce Spring Tortrix Moth
Acleris abietana
Recorded from Europe (Scandinavia, France, UK, BeNeLux, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Lithuania)
Acleris arcticana
3 Ginger Button
Acleris aspersana
4 Yellow Rose Button
Acleris bergmanniana
Acleris boscanoides
6 Caledonian Button
Acleris caledoniana
West Palaearctic (Britain Islands, Ireland and Poland).
Acleris celiana
8 Strawberry Tortrix
Acleris comariana
9 Tufted Button
Acleris cristana
10 Hook-winged Tortrix Moth
Acleris effractana
11 Notch-wing Button
Acleris emargana
12 Rusty Oak Button
Acleris ferrugana
Europe to the Ural Mts.
Acleris fimbriana
14 Maple Button
Acleris forsskaleana
Acleris gatesclarki
East Palaearctic (Taiwan endemic).
16 Sallow Button
Acleris hastiana
Acleris hippophaeana
18 White-triangle Button
Acleris holmiana
19 Heath Button
Acleris hyemana
Acleris implexana
21 Elm Button
Acleris kochiella
East Palaearctic (unspecified countries) and West Palaearctic (Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Britain Islands, Channel Islands, Czech, Estonia, France (incl. Corsica), Germany, Hungary, Italy (incl. Sardinia and Sicily), Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine).
Acleris lacordairana
23 Dark-triangle Button
Acleris laterana
recorded from Europe (except Iceland, the south-east and some Mediterranean islands), also eastern Asia: Amur, Ussuri, Korea, Japan, China
Acleris lipsiana
25 Lichen Button
Acleris literana
26 Birch Spring Button
Acleris logiana
Holarctic. Europe (southwards at least to Spain, Italy, Romania) east across the southern USSR to Japan; widespread in the boreal forest of North America, south in the mountains in both the east and west.
27 Marsh Button
Acleris lorquinana
Acleris lorquiniana
Acleris maccana
Acleris napaea
31 Rusty Birch Button
Acleris notana
Acleris obtusana
33 Buff Button
Acleris permutana
Acleris quercinana
35 Rhomboid Tortrix
Acleris rhombana
Acleris roscidana
Acleris rubivorella
38 Sweet-gale Button
Acleris rufana
Acleris scabrana
40 Schaller's Acleris
Acleris schalleriana
41 Oak Leafshredder Moth
Acleris semipurpurana
42 Meadow-sweet Button
Acleris shepherdana
43 Ashy Button
Acleris sparsana
44 Dark-streaked Button
Acleris umbrana
Acleris undulana
46 Garden Rose Tortrix
Acleris variegana

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