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Depending on your selection, you can have a family or genus displayed.

You have a number of filter options: a. all, ticked or non-ticked (Default all); b. Geographical areas (default All) and c. checklist to be used (default as per your personal settings - Clements 6.7 for birds and GT 2.0 for non-birds). If you have modified the options, you need to click on "Set Filter" to activate.

* Column 1 gives sequence # based on the checklist that has been filtered
* Column 2 has a green tick marker if you have ticked the taxa
* Column 3 shows the IUCN codes (click on the code and you will be linked to IUCN species info site)

By clicking on on the menu line on any of these 3 columns (and column 5 and 6, see below), it will sort ascendingly or descendingly. You restore to the default sequence by clicking on column 1 until you have sequence #1 at the top.

* Column 4 has a Show/Hide marker for polytypic species (i.e. a species with multiple subspecies) - click on to show the underlying taxa; click again to hide. If you have expanded a number of polytypic species, you can hide them all by clicking on the species group itself.

* Column 5 (English name), column 6 (Scientific name) and, if you have the language option other than English, column 7 (Domestic name) are self-explanatory. The English and scientific names are from the checklist that has been filtered (in this case Clements 6.7). The domestic names come from various sources and translations.

* Column 8 has markers for species or subspecies with photos ( links to Photo Gallery) and those which lack photos ( links to Photo Upload page).

You can set the value on how many entries you want to display at a time. Also, you have a Search field with a predictive search function (starts after you have typed two letters) which is handy when browsing through big species groups like e.g. hummingbirds.

Finally, you will be redirected to the info page of the species which is highlighted in yellow by clicking on it.
Search results


1 Purple-shot Copper
Lycaena alciphron
Southern and central Europe eastwards through Siberia, Kazakhstan to Altai, Mongolia and Transbaikal. In Europe the northwestern limit is in central France, central and northeastern Germany to Poland and up to Estonia.
2 Anatolian Fiery Copper
Lycaena asabinus
Turkey, Transcaucasia, Iran, Armenia
3 Boulder Copper
Lycaena boldenarum
Endemic to New Zealand
4 Balkan Copper
Lycaena candens
Europe (the Balkans north to Serbia and Bulgaria), central Turkey
Lycaena chinensis
C.Asia (mountains), Mongolia, W.China, C.China, NE.China, Korea
6 Eastern Sorrel Copper
Lycaena clarki
South Africa
7 Lustrous Copper
Lycaena cupreus
western mountains of North America
8 Large Copper
Lycaena dispar
9 Edith's Copper
Lycaena editha
10 Glade Copper
Lycaena feredayi
Endemic to New Zealand
11 Gorgon Copper
Lycaena gorgon
12 Violet Copper
Lycaena helle
13 Purplish Copper
Lycaena helloides
North America
14 Blue Copper
Lycaena heteronea
15 Purple-edged Copper
Lycaena hippothoe
Found throughout Europe and in Asia
16 Bronze Copper
Lycaena hyllus
17 Green Copper
Lycaena kasyapa
18 Iranian Fiery Copper
Lycaena kurdistanica
Lycaena li
20 Mariposa Copper
Lycaena mariposa
21 Small Green Underwing
Lycaena metallica
22 Lilac-bordered Copper
Lycaena nivalis
23 Turkish Fiery Copper
Lycaena ochimus
Lycaena orbona
Tibet, China
25 Western Sorrel Copper
Lycaena orus
South Africa
26 Grecian Copper
Lycaena ottomana
Lycaena pang
Tibet, W.China
28 White-bordered Copper
Lycaena pavana
29 Small Copper
Lycaena phlaeas
Temperate Eurasia, North America, Africa (North Africa south through Ethiopia).
30 Moroccan Copper
Lycaena phoebus
31 Rauparaha's Copper
Lycaena rauparaha
New Zealand
32 Ruddy Copper
Lycaena rubidus
33 Common Copper
Lycaena salustius
Endemic to New Zealand
Lycaena splendens
Kazakhstan: Dzhungarsky Alatau, Tian-Shan
Lycaena standfussi
Tibet - W.China
Lycaena svenhedini
37 Lesser Fiery Copper
Lycaena thersamon
from Eastern Europe, Italy and South-East Europe to Mongolia and North-Western China.
38 Golden Copper
Lycaena thetis
East Palaearctic (Armenia, India, Irak, Iran and Turkey) and West Palaearctic (Greece and Macedonia).
39 Sooty Copper
Lycaena tityrus
Southern and central Europe, north to Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and the eastern part of the Baltic countries. Thence eastwards through turkey, the Middle East, southern Siberia, Kazakhstan to Altai.
    Lycaena tityrus subalpinus
Lycaena tseng
N.Burma - W.China
42 Scarce Copper
Lycaena virgaureae
The northwestern limit in Europe goes from northern Spain, central and eastern France, Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia. From Europe, Turkey, the Near East and Caucasus through Siberia to Mongolia and Yakutia.
43 Great Copper
Lycaena xanthoides

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