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Browsing through a species group

Depending on your selection, you can have a family or genus displayed.

You have a number of filter options: a. all, ticked or non-ticked (Default all); b. Geographical areas (default All) and c. checklist to be used (default as per your personal settings - Clements 6.7 for birds and GT 2.0 for non-birds). If you have modified the options, you need to click on "Set Filter" to activate.

* Column 1 gives sequence # based on the checklist that has been filtered
* Column 2 has a green tick marker if you have ticked the taxa
* Column 3 shows the IUCN codes (click on the code and you will be linked to IUCN species info site)

By clicking on on the menu line on any of these 3 columns (and column 5 and 6, see below), it will sort ascendingly or descendingly. You restore to the default sequence by clicking on column 1 until you have sequence #1 at the top.

* Column 4 has a Show/Hide marker for polytypic species (i.e. a species with multiple subspecies) - click on to show the underlying taxa; click again to hide. If you have expanded a number of polytypic species, you can hide them all by clicking on the species group itself.

* Column 5 (English name), column 6 (Scientific name) and, if you have the language option other than English, column 7 (Domestic name) are self-explanatory. The English and scientific names are from the checklist that has been filtered (in this case Clements 6.7). The domestic names come from various sources and translations.

* Column 8 has markers for species or subspecies with photos ( links to Photo Gallery) and those which lack photos ( links to Photo Upload page).

You can set the value on how many entries you want to display at a time. Also, you have a Search field with a predictive search function (starts after you have typed two letters) which is handy when browsing through big species groups like e.g. hummingbirds.

Finally, you will be redirected to the info page of the species which is highlighted in yellow by clicking on it.
Search results


1 Anomalous Blue
Polyommatus admetus
2 Aedon Blue
Polyommatus aedon
3 Spanish Chalk-Hill Blue
Polyommatus albicans
4 Amanda's Blue
Polyommatus amandus
Found in the Palearctic ecozone.
5 Phalakron Blue
Polyommatus andronicus
6 Azerbaijan Blue
Polyommatus aserbeidschanus
7 Atlas Blue
Polyommatus atlantica
8 Bavius Blue
Polyommatus bavius
9 Adonis Blue
Polyommatus bellargus
S & C Europe, as far north as S England.
Polyommatus bellis
11 Azure Chalk-Hill Blue
Polyommatus caelestissimus
Polyommatus celina
West Palaearctic (Algeria, Italy (Sardinia and Sicily), Morocco, Spain (incl. Balearic Islands) and Tunisia).
13 Pontic Blue
Polyommatus coelestinus
14 Chalk-hill Blue
Polyommatus coridon
15     Polyommatus (Lysandra) coridon coridon
    Polyommatus coridon coridon
Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Britain Islands, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia and/or Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine).
16     Polyommatus (Lysandra) coridon gennargenti
    Polyommatus coridon gennargenti
Italy (Sardinia).
17     Polyommatus (Lysandra) coridon nufrellensis
    Polyommatus coridon nufrellensis
France (Corsica) and Italy (Sardinia).
18 False Chalk-hill Blue
Polyommatus corydonius
Polyommatus cyane
S.Urals, Turan, Tian-Shan, Ghissar, Darvaz, Pamirs-Alai, Saur, Tarbagatai, S.Altai, Transbaikalia, Mongolia.
20 Damon Blue
Polyommatus damon
21 Damonides Blue
Polyommatus damonides
22 Meleager's Blue
Polyommatus daphnis
23 Persian Anomalous Blue
Polyommatus demavendi
24 Persian Anomalous Blue
Polyommatus demavendi
25 Diana Blue
Polyommatus diana
26 Turquoise Blue
Polyommatus dorylas
27 Phalakron Anomalous Blue
Polyommatus eleniae
28 Forster's Anomalous Blue
Polyommatus eriwanensis
29 False Eros Blue
Polyommatus eroides
E Europe: Balkans to Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland
30 Eros Blue
Polyommatus eros
31     Polyommatus (Polyommatus) eros eroides
    Polyommatus eros eroides
Albania, Bulgaria, Czech, Greece, Macedonia, Poland, Serbia and/or Montenegro, Slovakia and Ukraine.
32     Polyommatus (Polyommatus) eros eros
    Polyommatus eros eros
Andorra, Austria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Serbia and/or Montenegro, Spain and Switzerland.
33     Polyommatus (Polyommatus) eros erotides
    Polyommatus eros erotides
S Russia.
    Polyommatus eros janetae
Western Himalayas to Nepal
35     Polyommatus (Polyommatus) eros kamtshadalis
    Polyommatus eros kamtshadalis
N Russia.
36     Polyommatus (Polyommatus) eros menelaos
    Polyommatus eros menelaos
37 Escher's Blue
Polyommatus escheri
38 Oberthur's Anomalous Blue
Polyommatus fabressei
39 Firdussi's Blue
Polyommatus firdussii
40 Forster's Furry Blue
Polyommatus fulgens
41 Gallo's Anomalous Blue
Polyommatus galloi
42 Nevada Blue
Polyommatus golgus
43 Hubert's Blue
Polyommatus huberti
44 Piedmont Anomalous Blue
Polyommatus humedasae
Polyommatus icadius
46 Common Blue
Polyommatus icarus
Europe, North Africa, eastwards to Far East (Japan, southern China), south to Iran, Afghanistan
47 Chelmos Blue
Polyommatus iphigenia
48 Large Jewel Blue
Polyommatus loewii
From Arabian Peninsula to Sri Lanka and India to Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra and Java
    Polyommatus loewii uranicola
Jordan, Egypt, the Sinai, the Negev, central Saudi Arabia, Oman
50 Taygetos Blue
Polyommatus menelaos
51 Larger Anatolian Blue
Polyommatus myrrha
52 Higgins's anomalous blue
Polyommatus nephohiptamenos
mountains of northern Greece and occasionally of southern Bulgaria.
53 Mother-of-Pearl Blue
Polyommatus nivescens
eastern Spanish distribution, extending into the French Pyrenees.
54 Kolev's Anomalous Blue
Polyommatus orphicus
55 Ripart's Anomalous Blue
Polyommatus ripartii
Southern Europe: Spain (n.e.), France (s.e.), Italy (n.w.), southern Balkans, Turkey, Slovakia, Poland (s.)
56     Polyommatus (Agrodiaetus) ripartii budashkini
    Polyommatus ripartii budashkini
57     Polyommatus (Agrodiaetus) ripartii ripartii
    Polyommatus ripartii ripartii
See species level (same).
Polyommatus sarta
59 Himalayan Meadow Blue
Polyommatus stoliczkanus
western Himalayas to Nepal.
60 Surakov's Blue
Polyommatus surakovi
61 Chapman's Blue
Polyommatus thersites
62 Turkish Blue
Polyommatus turcicus
63 Andalusian Anomalous Blue
Polyommatus violetae
64 Zarathustra Blue
Polyommatus zarathustra

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