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* Column 1 gives sequence # based on the checklist that has been filtered
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* Column 5 (English name), column 6 (Scientific name) and, if you have the language option other than English, column 7 (Domestic name) are self-explanatory. The English and scientific names are from the checklist that has been filtered (in this case Clements 6.7). The domestic names come from various sources and translations.

* Column 8 has markers for species or subspecies with photos ( links to Photo Gallery) and those which lack photos ( links to Photo Upload page).

You can set the value on how many entries you want to display at a time. Also, you have a Search field with a predictive search function (starts after you have typed two letters) which is handy when browsing through big species groups like e.g. hummingbirds.

Finally, you will be redirected to the info page of the species which is highlighted in yellow by clicking on it.
Search results


1 Admiralty Flying Fox
Pteropus admiralitatum
Solomon Isls (Guadalcanal, Malaita; Admiralty Isls, New Britain and Tabar Isls (Bismarck Arch.)
2 Aldabra Flying-fox
Pteropus aldabrensis
This species is endemic to the Aldabra Atoll (approximately 150 km²) in the Seychelles. Bats have been recorded from all main islands and have been observed flying between islands of the atoll (IUCN 2012)
3 Black Flying Fox
Pteropus alecto
Sulawesi, Saleyer Isl, Lombok, Bawean Isl, Kangean Isls, Sumba Isl, and Savu Isl (Indonesia); N and E Australia; S New Guinea.
4 Vanauatu Flying Fox
Pteropus anetianus
Vanuatu including Banks Isls
5 Ambon Flying Fox
Pteropus argentatus
The type locality of this species was originally given as Ambon but based on archival research T. Flannery and K. Helgen believe this specimen comes from Gebe, both of which are islands in Indonesia.
6 Aru Flying Fox
Pteropus aruensis
Aru Isls (Indonesia)
7 Percy Island Flying Fox
Pteropus brunneus
Australia, Queensland, Percy Isl. Extinct
8 North Moluccan Flying Fox
Pteropus caniceps
Known with certainty only from Halmahera (Indonesia); Sula, Peleng and Sangihe Isl records are erroneous, and a single Sulawesi record (obtained from a dealer) is dubious
9 Bismarck Flying Fox
Pteropus capistratus
Bismarck Arch. (Papua New Guinea)
10 Moluccan Flying Fox
Pteropus chrysoproctus
Ambon, Buru, Seram and small islands east of Seram (Indonesia); a Sangihe Isl record is erroneous
11 Makira Flying Fox
Pteropus cognatus
Makira and Uki Ni Masi Isls (Solomon Isls)
12 Spectacled Flying Fox
Pteropus conspicillatus
N Moluccas (Indonesia); New Guinea and West Papuan Isls (Raja Ampat Isl, off NW coast of New Guinea); NE Queensland (Australia).
13 Ryukyu Flying Fox
Pteropus dasymallus
Taiwan; Ryukyu Isls, Daito Isls and extreme S Kyushu (Japan); Batan, Dalupiri and Fuga Isls (Philippines)
14 Nicobar Flying Fox
Pteropus faunulus
Nicobar Isls (India)
15 Banks Flying Fox
Pteropus fundatus
Banks Isls (Vanuatu)
16 Indian Flying Fox
Pteropus giganteus
Maldive Isls; India (incl. Andaman Isls); Sri Lanka; Pakistan; Bangladesh; Nepal; Burma; Tsinghai (China). The Tsinghai record requires confirmation. Cambodian records are apparently erroneous.
17 Gilliard's Flying Fox
Pteropus gilliardorum
New Britain and New Ireland (Bismarck Arch., Papua New Guinea)
18 Gray Flying Fox
Pteropus griseus
Timor, Samao Isl, Dyampea Isl, Bonerato Isl, Saleyer Isl, Paternoster Isls, Pelang, Isl, Sulawesi and Banda Isls (Indonesia)
19 Ontong Java Flying Fox
Pteropus howensis
Ontong Java Isl (Solomon Isls)
20 Island Flying Fox
Pteropus hypomelanus
An island (roosting) specialist ranging from India (Andamans) and Maldives to Papua New Guinea, and Solomon Islands.
21 Ruck Flying Fox
Pteropus insularis
Truk Isls (Micronesia)
22 Andersen's Flying Fox
Pteropus intermedius
S Burma; W Thailand
23 Kei Flying Fox
Pteropus keyensis
Kai Isls (Indonesia)
24 Mottle-winged Flying Fox
Pteropus leucopterus
Luzon, Catanduanes and Dinagat Isls (Philippines)
25 Comoro Black Flying Fox
Pteropus livingstonii
Comoro Isls
26 Lombok Flying Fox
Pteropus lombocensis
Lombok, Sumbawa, Komodo, Flores, Lembata, Pantar, Alor and Timor Isls (Indonesia)
27 Okinawa Flying-fox
Pteropus loochoensis
Extinct; formerly Okinawa Isl, Ryûkyû Isls (Japan)
28 Lyle's Flying Fox
Pteropus lylei
This species is known from western and central Cambodia, central Thailand and southern Viet Nam, a disjunct population has been found in Yunnan, china
29 Large-eared Flying Fox
Pteropus macrotis
New Guinea; Aru Isls (Indonesia); Boigu Isl (Australia).
30 Sanborn's Flying Fox
Pteropus mahaganus
Bougainville Isl (Papua New Guinea); Ysabel Isl and Choiseul Isl (Solomon Isls)
31 Marianas Flying Fox
Pteropus mariannus
S Mariana Isls through Guam to Ulithi Isl (Caroline Isl, Micronesia)
32 Black-bearded Flying Fox
Pteropus melanopogon
Amboina, Buru, Seram, Banda Isls, Yamdena (= Timor Laut) and adjacent islands (Indonesia); a Sangihe Isl record is erroneous
33 Blyth's Flying Fox
Pteropus melanotus
Nicobar and Andaman Isls (India); Engano Isl and Nias Isl (Indonesia); Christmas Isl (Australia)
34 Pohnpei Flying Fox
Pteropus molossinus
Pohnpei (= Ponape) and possibly Mortlock Isls (Caroline Isls, Micronesia)
35 Great Flying Fox
Pteropus neohibernicus
Bismarck Arch. and Admiralty Isls (Papua New Guinea); New Guinea, Misool and Gebi Isls, Gag Isl (Indonesia)
36 Greater Mascarene Flying Fox
Pteropus niger
Mascarene Isls (Réunion Isl, Mauritius Isl, subfossil on Rodrigues Isl); Madagascar records are probably erroneous
37 Temotu Flying Fox
Pteropus nitendiensis
Nendö and Tömotu Neo (in the Santa Cruz Isls, Solomon Isls)
38 Seram Flying Fox
Pteropus ocularis
Seram and Buru (Indonesia)
39 Ornate Flying Fox
Pteropus ornatus
New Caledonia and Loyalty Isls.
40 Palau Flying Fox
Pteropus pelewensis
Palau Islands
41 Moluccan Masked Flying Fox
Pteropus personatus
North Molucca Isls (Halmahera and Obi Isl Groups) and Gag (Indonesia); Sulawesi records are erroneous
42 Large Palau Flying Fox
Pteropus pilosus
Pelew Isls (Micronesia)
43 Geelvink Bay Flying Fox
Pteropus pohlei
Yapen, Biak-Supiori, Numfoor and Rani Isls (off NW New Guinea)
44 Grey-headed Flying Fox
Pteropus poliocephalus
E Australia, along the coast from S Queensland to Victoria.
45 Bonin Flying Fox
Pteropus pselaphon
Bonin and Volcano Isls (Japan)
46 Little Golden-mantled Flying-fox
Pteropus pumilus
Philippines (except Palawan region); Talaud Isls (Indonesia)
47 Solomons Flying Fox
Pteropus rayneri
Bougainville and Buka Isls (Papua New Guinea); Solomon Isls
48 Rennell Flying Fox
Pteropus rennelli
Rennell Isl (Solomon Isls)
49 Rodrigues Flying Fox
Pteropus rodricensis
Rodrigues Isl, Round Isl near Mauritius Isl (Mascarene Isls)
50 Madagascan Flying Fox
Pteropus rufus
51 Samoan Flying Fox
Pteropus samoensis
Fiji Isls; Samoan Isls
52 Little Red Flying Fox
Pteropus scapulatus
This species is widespread in western, eastern, and northern Australia (including Boigu and Thursday Islands in the Torres Strait), and is also known from a single collection of four skulls from Western Province, Papua New Guinea. Vagrants occur to the south of the main range, including to Kangaroo Island. (IUCN 2009)
53 Seychelles Flying Fox
Pteropus seychellensis
Seychelle Isls; Comoros Isls; Mafia Isl (off Tanzania)
54 Philippine Gray Flying Fox
Pteropus speciosus
Philippines; Solombo Besar and Mata Siri (Java Sea, Indonesia); Talaud Isls (Indonesia)
55 Lesser Mascarene Flying-fox
Pteropus subniger
Réunion and Mauritius Isls (Mascarene Isls)
56 Temminck's Flying Fox
Pteropus temminckii
Buru, Ambon, Seram (Indonesia); nearby small islands; perhaps Timor Isl (Indonesia)
57 Guam Flying Fox
Pteropus tokudae
Extinct; formerly Guam (Mariana Isls, USA)
58 Pacific Flying Fox
Pteropus tonganus
Karkar Isl (off NE New Guinea) and Rennell Isl (Solomon Isls), south to New Caledonia, east to Cook Isls.
59 Vanikoro Flying Fox
Pteropus tuberculatus
Vanikoro Isl (Santa Cruz Isls, Solomon Isls)
60 Kosrae Flying Fox
Pteropus ualanus
Kosrae (Micronesia)
61 Large Flying-fox
Pteropus vampyrus
Vietnam; Burma; Malay Peninsula; Borneo; Philippines; Sumatra, Java, Lesser Sunda Isls, adjacent small islands including Anak Krakatau (Indonesia); reports from Cambodia not verified
62 New Caledonia Flying Fox
Pteropus vetulus
New Caledonia
63 Pemba Flying Fox
Pteropus voeltzkowi
Pemba Isl (off coast of Tanzania)
64 Dwarf Flying Fox
Pteropus woodfordi
New Georgia group, Russell and Florida Isls, Guadalcanal, Malaita (Solomon Isls)
65 Yap Flying Fox
Pteropus yapensis
Yap Isls (Micronesia)

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