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You have a number of filter options: a. all, ticked or non-ticked (Default all); b. Geographical areas (default All) and c. checklist to be used (default as per your personal settings - Clements 6.7 for birds and GT 2.0 for non-birds). If you have modified the options, you need to click on "Set Filter" to activate.

* Column 1 gives sequence # based on the checklist that has been filtered
* Column 2 has a green tick marker if you have ticked the taxa
* Column 3 shows the IUCN codes (click on the code and you will be linked to IUCN species info site)

By clicking on on the menu line on any of these 3 columns (and column 5 and 6, see below), it will sort ascendingly or descendingly. You restore to the default sequence by clicking on column 1 until you have sequence #1 at the top.

* Column 4 has a Show/Hide marker for polytypic species (i.e. a species with multiple subspecies) - click on to show the underlying taxa; click again to hide. If you have expanded a number of polytypic species, you can hide them all by clicking on the species group itself.

* Column 5 (English name), column 6 (Scientific name) and, if you have the language option other than English, column 7 (Domestic name) are self-explanatory. The English and scientific names are from the checklist that has been filtered (in this case Clements 6.7). The domestic names come from various sources and translations.

* Column 8 has markers for species or subspecies with photos ( links to Photo Gallery) and those which lack photos ( links to Photo Upload page).

You can set the value on how many entries you want to display at a time. Also, you have a Search field with a predictive search function (starts after you have typed two letters) which is handy when browsing through big species groups like e.g. hummingbirds.

Finally, you will be redirected to the info page of the species which is highlighted in yellow by clicking on it.
Search results


1 Rock Dove
Columba livia
Worldwide widespread
Columba livia var. domestica
    Columba livia livia
w and c Europe, n Africa to c Asia
    Columba livia gymnocycla
Mauritania and Senegal to s Mali and Ghana
    Columba livia targia
n Mali and s Algeria to c Sudan
    Columba livia dakhlae
w Egypt
    Columba livia schimperi
e Egypt, s Sudan, Eritrea
    Columba livia palaestinae
Sinai Pen. (Egypt) to Syria, w and s Arabian Pen.
    Columba livia gaddi
e Turkey to Uzbekistan and w and n Afghanistan
    Columba livia neglecta
w Pakistan and e Afghanistan to the Himalayas
    Columba livia intermedia
s India, Sri Lanka
12 Hill Pigeon
Columba rupestris
EU c, e
    Columba rupestris turkestanica
Turkestan, w and n Himalayas, Tibet
    Columba rupestris rupestris
Mongolia, s Siberia to Korea, s China and e Tibet
15 Snow Pigeon
Columba leuconota
EU sc, se
    Columba leuconota leuconota
w, c Himalayas
    Columba leuconota gradaria
e Himalayas and e Tibet to se China and n Myanmar
18 Speckled Pigeon
Columba guinea
AF widespread
    Columba guinea guinea
Mauritania to Ethiopia south to DR Congo and n Malawi
    Columba guinea phaeonota
sw Angola to Zimbabwe and South Africa
21 White-collared Pigeon
Columba albitorques
AF Ethiopia, Eritrea
22 Stock Dove
Columba oenas
EU w, sw
    Columba oenas oenas
w Europe and nw Africa to n Kazakhstan, sw Siberia and n Iran
    Columba oenas yarkandensis
se Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to w China
25 Yellow-eyed Pigeon   VU 
Columba eversmanni
EU Iran to nw China Non-breeding: nw India, Pakistan, Iran
26 Somali Pigeon
Columba oliviae
AF Somalia
27 Common Wood Pigeon
Columba palumbus
EU w, sw
    Columba palumbus palumbus
Europe to w Siberia and Iraq. nw Africa
29          EX 
    Columba palumbus maderensis †
    Columba palumbus azorica
e and c Azores
    Columba palumbus iranica
sw and n Iran to sw Turkmenistan
    Columba palumbus casiotis
se Iran to Kazakhstan to w China, nw India and Nepal
33 Trocaz Pigeon
Columba trocaz
AF Madeira
34 Bolle's Pigeon
Columba bollii
AF Canary Islands
35 Laurel Pigeon   NT 
Columba junoniae
AF Canary Islands
36 Afep Pigeon
Columba unicincta
AF Guinea to Ghana. e Nigeria to Angola, DR Congo and Uganda
37 African Olive Pigeon
Columba arquatrix
AF Angola. Ethiopia to South Africa
38 Cameroon Olive Pigeon
Columba sjostedti
AF Cameroon
39 Sao Tome Olive Pigeon   EN 
Columba thomensis
AF São Tomé
40 Comoros Olive Pigeon   NT 
Columba pollenii
AF Comoros
41 Speckled Wood Pigeon
Columba hodgsonii
OR Himalayas to Myanmar
42 White-naped Pigeon   NT 
Columba albinucha
AF Cameroon. e DR Congo, w Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi
43 Ashy Wood Pigeon
Columba pulchricollis
OR Himalayas to s China, Taiwan
44 Nilgiri Wood Pigeon   VU 
Columba elphinstonii
OR sw India
45 Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon   VU 
Columba torringtoniae
OR Sri Lanka
46 Pale-capped Pigeon   VU 
Columba punicea
OR ne India through Southeast Asia
47 Silvery Pigeon   CR 
Columba argentina
OR islands off Sumatra, n Borneo
48 Andaman Wood Pigeon   NT 
Columba palumboides
OR Andaman Islands
49 Japanese Wood Pigeon   NT 
Columba janthina
EU islands s of Japan and South Korea
    Columba janthina janthina
Tsushima and s Japan to Izu Is. and Ryukyu Is.
    Columba janthina nitens
Ogasawara (Bonin Is.) and Iwo Is. (Volcano Is.)
    Columba janthina stejnegeri
Yaeyama Is. (Ryukyu Is., Japan)
53 Bonin Wood Pigeon   EX 
Columba versicolor †
EU Bonin Is.
54 Ryukyu Wood Pigeon   EX 
Columba jouyi †
EU Okinawa and Daito I., Ryukyu Islands
55 Metallic Pigeon
Columba vitiensis
OR, AU Philippines to Samoa
    Columba vitiensis griseogularis
Philippines, Sulu Arch., islands off e Borneo
    Columba vitiensis anthracina
Palawan, islands off n Borneo
    Columba vitiensis metallica
Lesser Sundas
    Columba vitiensis halmaheira
Banggai, Sulas, Kai, Moluccas to New Guinea and the Solomon Is.
    Columba vitiensis leopoldi
    Columba vitiensis hypoenochroa
New Caledonia, Isle of Pines and Loyalty Is.
62          EX 
    Columba vitiensis godmanae †
Lord Howe I.
    Columba vitiensis vitiensis
Fiji Is.
    Columba vitiensis castaneiceps
w Samoa
65 White-headed Pigeon
Columba leucomela
AU e Australia
66 Yellow-legged Pigeon   VU 
Columba pallidiceps
AU Bismarck Archipelago, Solomon Islands
67 Eastern Bronze-naped Pigeon
Columba delegorguei
AF e, se
    Columba delegorguei sharpei
se Sudan to Tanzania
    Columba delegorguei delegorguei
Malawi to e South Africa
70 Western Bronze-naped Pigeon
Columba iriditorques
AF Guinea and Sierra Leone to Uganda, DR Congo and Angola
71 Island Bronze-naped Pigeon   NT 
Columba malherbii
AF Gulf of Guinea islands
72 Lemon Dove
Columba larvata
AF widespread
    Columba larvata inornata
Sierra Leone to Cameroon and Gabon, Bioko and Pagalu Is.
    Columba larvata principalis
Príncipe I.
    Columba larvata simplex
São Tomé
    Columba larvata bronzina
se Sudan, Ethiopia
    Columba larvata larvata
s Sudan and c, e Uganda to South Africa
    Columba larvata jacksoni
e DR Congo and sw Uganda to w Tanzania
    Columba larvata samaliyae
Angola, s DR Congo and nw Zambia

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