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As a long-term user of the site I have witnessed its evolution from an innovative bird-list recording device to the massive data-bank which it has now become. It remains an indispensable tool for helping me to keep track of my bird sightings and much else besides. Their support is very fast and good new features – sometimes initiated by me or other members - come on board regularly. I can recommend "GT" to all serious global birders as the best thing that is out there.
Claes-Göran Cederlund, Sweden
...working through my ?extralimital? species after the conversion of my data is a great exercise, helping me to clean up some improperly entered species and adjust subspecies allocations. What a great product you have!
David Donsker, USA/span>
iGoTerra is the most valuable website available to log worldwide geo-codable sightings of all biota. The database is very helpful, in that observations from hundreds of other naturalists are also viewable, sorted by country. Administrators are also prompt in adding new taxa that are not already in the vast database. The taxon information and range information are generally some of the best sources of information on the internet for a given species. Finally the variety of images compiled provides a useful ID source for others.
C. Michael Hogan PhD, President Lumina Technologies, California, USA
iGoTerra is an incredible site and it gets better and better! I can keep precise records of my birds and mammals that I have always been interested in and iGoTerra has inspired me to start looking at other groups such as insects, plants and fungi. I also use it daily as a reference to check i.e. the scientific name and distribution for birds and other animals. Its also great fun to see where people have been and what theyve seen and it helps when to prepare for future trips. There is nothing comparable on the web for someone like me with a wide interest in the animal kingdom.
Anita Ericsson, Sweden
I have been a member of Globaltwitcher since 2008 when the site was still in it's infancy. As someone that spent almost as much time on my listing spreadsheets as I did in the field, I was in desperate need of a multi-level, organised listing capability. In Globaltwitcher, I found the only site that could maintain not only my bird lists, but all my observations covering mammals, reptiles, amphibians etc. As the years passed, Globaltwitcher changed from a small side project to a fully operational and functional listing site. The more members that joined, the more requirements had to be met, from updating taxonomy to providing a multi-level taxonomic approach (IOC/Clements for example).

Aside of all that, the major attractions to me personally were twofold. I had list security! No hard drive failure, computer theft or fire could destroy my burgeoning lists. Secondly, as any member can, I had the the ability to suggest and implement changes to the site. It is rare to find a site that not only encourages it's members to find, report and work on any errors, but welcomes and implements change in real time. We have a dedicated, and growing group of members who help in the implementation of changes, checking of functions and keeping the site as up to date as is possible. The vast amounts of time that I have invested personally into the site have been a pleasure, not only being beneficial to me, but to everyone.

I'd like to think that the upgrading and changing of interface coupled with with the recent site name change has projected the site into the upper realms of professional listing. Perhaps more importantly than anything else, the site is owned, designed and maintained by dedicated listers - people who understand how other listers think! Some of the new features are mindblowing - extremely accurate country lists, shared observation capability, new country lifer projections, dedicated area forums. It would seem to me that we are in the process of delivering a website that covers not only post-trip listing, but the hardcore logistics needed to plan trips. I work as a guide for the largest bird tour company in the world, so it came with a great sense of personal satisfaction recently when fellow guides told me that a number of their clients had used the listing data on iGoTerra to plan their trips in advance!
One thing I am certain of, the site will never be complete. Both new and old members alike will always have new and improved ideas for the site, taxonomy is ever changing - but my lists will live on forever!

Clayton Burne, South Africa

iGoTerra is an invaluable resource. It's the only place where you can record ALL of your wildlife sightings: from birds and fish to amoeba and everything in between! The sight is full of information and user photos to help with your research in planning a trip or just general knowledge. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you should join!
Brian Casatelli, New York/Bangkok
I am very often uploading photos of plants and it can't be more simple than iGoTerra.
Hans Bister, Sweden

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