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Manage all your lists
How many species have you seen, when and where? You cannot keep track of all your observations? We have been there…
iGoTerra is simply the most powerful tool to manage all your lists: Birds, Mammals, Plants, Butterflies etc.; per country, state, county and even your backyard, we have them all!

For birds, the system manages the splits and lumps for you. Easier than ever!

Spend more time in the field, your lists are taken care of. See what our users say about us.

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Import all your lists in a few clicks
You would like to join, but your lists are so long... No worries, we have been there too…

Bring your lists together and we do the rest: in a few clicks, all your observations will be in your account for you to review, edit and update to the latest version of official checklists (IOC or Clements).

Dragonflies, coral reef fishes and flowers, all creatures are welcome.

eBirder? iGoTerra supports import of al your eBird Observations and also exports to eBird’s record format. 

If you need support and advice on how to import your old records, please contact us at info@igoterra.com

Take a look at our tutorial and start now!

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Photo Gallery
Where did you shoot that bird? How many flowers have you photographed?
Get your pics in order and retrieve your memories in a split second!

You want to prepare your next trip? Choose the country and start learning about the species you're likely to encounter. With more than 200,000 pictures in store, growing daily, you should find what you're looking for.

With photo gallery, all the pics can be searched and displayed by area and species group (even genus or family).

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Country to go next
Where should you plan your next trip?
Here is your personal overview of where you can expect to find new species. You can select countries by number of species, endemics and new lifers to make sure the next one will be a great one.

Available for Birds and Mammals.

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Personalized country checklists
To prepare a trip, your own country checklist featuring the species or subspecies you have seen and heard and the ones you have not is a click away…

with the endemics and even the plate number of your field guide!

- Dowload on Pocket or print your personalized checklists!
- Works also for mammals, butterflies and any species group you're interested in.

And many more cool features!

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iGoTerra Trips
Spending too much time administrating your lists before and after the trip?

Tour operators and dedicated naturalists use iGoTerra Trips to plan and manage their trips:
- Create and print your personalized checklists featuring info on expected species
- Automated systematic listing of all observations, even down to subspecies level
- Participants can copy the observations to their own iGoTerra account
- Works also for mammals, butterflies and any species group you're interested in.

To learn more, see Trips and Trips Pro

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iGoTerra Pocket: bring your world with you
Struggling with different apps for different species in different countries?
iGoTerra Pocket is your free app to record and share ALL your observations in the field anywhere in the world. Carry your life lists and your targets in the pocket, record your observations with precise location and synchronize and share all your observations in one click.

iGoTerra Pocket, your free app to enter all your sightings.

Download for: iPhone Android
My observation diary
Do you enjoy looking back at your wildlife observations but all your records are a mess in different systems and papers? We know how it feels.

Observation Diary displays all your observations in a nice layout with your notes, photos and maps of the locations you visited. It features and counts the number of species, year ticks and lifers.

And, you can easily share the diary of selected days with your friends with just a click.

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Lists and ranking systems
How many birds have you seen in the world? Or this year? Or in a particular country or region? How many species of fishes, flowers or spiders have you identified so far?

Our ranking system offers countless opportunities to engage into friendly competition and learn from peers about wildlife. You can even compare your lists with your friends...

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Species Information
A wealth of information at your fingertips: taxonomy, subspecies, photos, distribution, geo-localized observations, names, reference in field guide, literature, resource links...

More than 170.000 species ... Growing daily...

Check that Common Eider page and browse the tree.

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